October 21, 2019

lava- la -weekend

The Coach and I had a great dinner at Shula's Steak House this weekend with some friends. It was a 'private' wine dinner with a fixed tasting menu. We've purchased a few of these over the years at a University athletic fundraiser we attend annually. The Coach and I agree that we need to stop purchasing these; they're really expensive and we don't need a four-course meal.
Of course, I do need the four-course wine.

They served us XL crab cakes, (I opted for grilled shrimp, cause I'm crabby enough) a huge wedge salad, a filet mignon and then a warm chocolate lava cake with vanilla bean ice cream and fresh cream. Stuffed who?
Are you drooling? 

We were reminiscing about meeting Mr. Don Shula there years ago. I believe it was around 1999; he was at the restaurant with his Son and was happy to oblige us and spend a few minutes chatting.

{I completely forgot how much I loved wearing twin-sets back in the day. Cardigans w/matching tops}

As Native Floridians, both of our families were always diehard fans of the Miami Dolphins. Lately though? We're not big fans of any NFL teams. Well, I never cared about football....but even the Coach is disenchanted with the NFL. Everything is political and a lot of athletes have turned into a bunch of sissies. There, I said it.
I'm sure Don Shula can't even take it anymore.

Not sure how this turned into a football post. I really just wanted to talk about food and wine.

Anyhoo....I wish I'd saved half of my lava cake that I didn't eat. I could use it today.

Anything fun in your weekend? 


George said...

If you need any help finishing up that lava cake, I'll be glad to help. I must admit that I don't care much for NFL anymore either.

Laurel Wood said...

Sounds like a great menu! Love the photos of you and Coach. We splurged on bread pudding with pecans and caramel recently - so good!

Laurel Wood said...

p.s. I told John about your post. He told me he had always wanted to eat a steak there!

Christine said...

looks like a fun time with friends!

Beth Cotell said...

That sounds like the perfect menu! And oh my goodness! I had plenty of those twin sets back when I was working and had to actually look presentable at the office!

Ernie said...

Nothing like a good steak AND good company. The concussion debacle in football has frustrated me. :(

NCmountainwoman said...

Nope. Nothing that exciting happened around here. Ww also used to purchase private dinners from worthy fund raisers. It introduced us to some of Milwaukee's finest places and we learned the fun of eating at the chef's table. Problem is that you want to dine like that every time you eat out. I especially loved the attention of the sommelier.

Barbara said...

You looked so cute and, yes, I loved sweater sets too. I still do but I don't know if I've even seen them for sale. I don't need any new clothes - did I really say that - but I'm going to keep my eye open to see if they are around anywhere.

Mellie said...

Sounds like a great dinner. Oh twin sets were all the rage! I had several that I wore to work often. Maybe they will come back in style again someday.