August 29, 2019

All the entertainment I need I'm either married to or I gave birth to.

Lolo and I had a conversation while we were in VA getting her moved in and ready for school

{Here she is standing across the street from her school. It's a 10 minute walk from her apartment, but we didn't want to cross the intersection because I was ready for my next feeding in a different direction.}

Me: Can I meet your professors?
Lolo: "No, they're probably not there yet."
Me: I still feel bad about not walking you into school on the first day of kindergarten. It was said over and over again in our parent orientation to drop off your child on the first day and NOT walk them into class.
When Dad and I dropped you off at the car line, you hopped out and walked your little 5 year old self into class. I looked over and I see tons of parents walking their child INTO class. 
*what the hell?*
Why did I follow the rules?
Lolo: "Don't feel bad, I did just fine.
And where do you think those other kids are that were coddled? Probably living in their parent's basement sleeping with a weighted blanket. Or addicted to heroin. OR in jail."

{Not her first day of Kindergarten picture, but this was shortly after.}

Then we had a long conversation about weighted blankets and how she might actually want one.
Go figure.

So my sassy daughter had her Orientation last weekend and sends me this pic and text. "Mother's room"

I had a real good laugh at myself when I realized it was a lactation room and then I scolded her about tricking her elders.


She started her classes this week and is really excited about being a student again.

I had a prompt similar to this while attending Palm Beach Beauty Academy; just after Pin Curls 101 and before learning to Not Drink Permanent Solution.

One of her professors was a CIA analyst for many years and I could only ask one question:
Is your professor Jack Ryan??

No Mom. She isn't Jack Ryan.
Well, that would have been pretty cool.
FYI: Coach and I started watching it on Prime and it's a great show; intense, but great.

Wishing everyone a sassy weekend. Crossing our fingers and toes that Dorian doesn't impact our area or anyone for that matter!!



  1. I hope your entire area is safe from Dorian. Hopefully it will confound the experts again and shift to the east. I had trouble understandng the essay prompt let alone trying to answer it. I guess it's a good thing I'm not in school any more!

  2. This was a cute post! The messaging back and forth is hilarious. I'm thankful I am no longer in school...I still have nightmares about it! lol
    All the best to you all. Love & Hugs.

    1. Don't we all have those nightmares? It's crazy!!

  3. It's hard to send them far away, no matter how independent they are. Love the mother's room! When I accompanied my daughter to kindergarten the first day, she gently tapped me on the arm and whispered, "I think it's time for the mothers to go home now."

    It's looking more and more as if Dorian might be a nasty storm for you. I'm sending positive thoughts that you and all your loved ones stay safe and that your butterflies weather the storm. (Don't know how to spell the plural of chrysalis but you know what I mean.)

    1. Thank you for the good thoughts!!! I'm worried about my butterflies with all the wind also. If only I could protect them all.

  4. Fingers crossed that Dorian just fizzles out!! Stay safe and evacuate early if you have too.

  5. Love this litter exchange. Lactation room. Good one! That essay prompt blew me away. I stopped at my kids school to pull them out to take them to the zoo forever ago. Why sit in a classroom when it is the first beautiful day of spring? Mini would NOT leave. She insisted she had things to do in school. Um, she was in 2nd grade. She changed her mind a few minutes later, but my stupid flip phone did not get great reception, so I did NOT KNOW SHE CHANGED HER MIND. It literally turns my stomach to talk about it, and she knows that - so she likes to taunt me with it. Sigh. Good luck with the storm. Hope it loses power before it gets close!

    1. Thank you-we'll be fine here on the West Coast. Praying for our people on the East coast though.

  6. Ha, your text messages are too funny! I did NOT walk my kids into school the first day either. They actually rode the bus, all alone for the first time EVER. My nerves were so bad sending my 5 year old off into the wild. I wanted to drive them but we were told not to, also.

    1. It's tough on the mama's letting those babies go into the big ole world alone.

  7. Stay safe down there. I don’t blog or read them anymore too often but I feel like I know you and your girls, and Coach and your dogs and your plants, and your cats and your butterflies. I don’t want anything to happen to you all.

    1. Thank you. We will be fine here on the West Coast. But, I'm concerned for my butterflies with all the wind. :(


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