July 19, 2019

You just can't talk to insects like you used to.

Yesterday as I was getting into my car to leave I noticed a lizard near the garage door.

ME: Dude, you'd better scat or you're gonna get run over. 

I motioned my foot in his direction to 'shoo' him out and he decided to become a hitchiker. 

I couldn't get him off, so I walked him out to the sidewalk.
Dude, I gotta GO. 

Really, I've GOT to go!
*lingers longer*

Why do I even bother talking to you?

Reality hits me and I look up to see if anyone noticed I was having a conversation with my leg lizard.


I wondered if this was my Jesus lizard reincarnated; that would be super cool and not nerdy at all. 

Good lawd, I just remembered that lizards aren't even insects; they're reptiles. 
No wonder he was ignoring me. 

I don't even know what it would feel like to be a normal person. 


  1. You're just to nice. Everybody and everything just wants to be with you.

  2. I would have been screaming and doing a dance if it got on me! I know God created reptiles but I do Not want to interact with me given a choice!
    Ditto to what George said!

  3. That was supposed to say - - - I do not want them (reptiles) to interact with me!

  4. Nope, nope, nope! I don't mind lizards per se but I will NOT have one on me. I have no idea how you were calmly standing there taking pictures!

  5. I agree, how on earth did you manage to get multiple photos let alone one?! That would have sent me over the edge. Yikes!

  6. So why did the lizard cross the road? Oh yeah, he caught a ride! You're a brave woman, I'm not afraid of those reptiles but I wouldn't want one to crawl up my leg either! Cute post!!

  7. I would have flicked off that lizard, ASAP!! lol

  8. My cats love to watch these lizards from our living room window. Thankfully, none of them have been attracted to my legs!

  9. Ha! We have lizards galore over here. The kids are dying to make 'earrings' out of them but haven't had the guts to make them latch onto an earlobe - yet. The cats bring them in from time to time. I've even had a few hitchhikers who took a drive with us ON my car.


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