June 11, 2019

How middle aged women celebrate, my first home invasion and I might have a succulent addiction

You know what is awesome to collect?
I traveled a few hours north last weekend to celebrate one of my friends birthdays at a mutual friends house.

Before I tell you how exciting our day/night was, let's reflect on what a buffoon I can be on occasion. 
I've known my friend Michelle for years but had never been to her house. I used the GPS on my phone and just as I entered her neighborhood and saw that I was ALMOST to her house I looked up and saw a home with lots of cars in the driveway. Well, here I am!
I had my arms full and knocked on the front door. No one answered, and dogs were barking. 
Suz's brain: Well, Michelle doesn't have dogs, but maybe her Mom is here with her pups? Why isn't someone opening the door for me? Wait, they must be out back in the pool....just open the door and let yourself in Suz. 
I open the door and immediately three dogs come at me; a greyhound and two little mutts. I see past them to the furnishings and I know immediately this is NOT Michelle's house. 
*Shiza-Minelli* I just did my first home invasion.
I push the 'overly happy to see me' dogs back into the house and shut the door.
As I'm pulling out my phone on the porch looking for Michelle's house number a man opens the door and asks if I need something. 
*I might have shat myself*
I apologized and told him I'm at the wrong house....I said I'm so sorry about opening your door, I'm looking for Michelle's house. 
He said, no worries. 
*phew, he's not a gun-toting, fly off the handle kind of person*
We figured out her house was about 5 down the street. I said to him: "Thanks. Sorry again, it looks like you're having a party here with all the cars in the driveway." 
He said: "No party, I just have a lot of kids."
Oh, my lawd Suzanne, how you've made it 51 years without being murdered is a miracle. 

What did 7 ladies age 41-60 do for a fun time?

We drank wine. Laughed. Sat in the pool. Nibbled. Laughed. Noshed.
And we potted succulents.
Talk about a wild and crazy time-we're just lucky the popo wasn't called on us.

I didn't take as many pictures as I should have, but I was busy laughing. And floating. And drinking.
This one looks like Disney's Ursula. 

I'm also completely inspired to UP my succulent planting game. The plants below are all in my house (inside and out), some new and some old. 

I'm thankful for good friends who love and inspire me and understanding peeps who don't shoot first and ask questions later.


  1. That is hilarious! Glad those doggies were friendly, too! ha
    I love succulents but don't have any right now. Yours around your home look great. The party sounds very relaxing.

  2. HA HA --you are such a good writer... I always love reading your posts... Your life is never dull, is it?????

    Glad the guy with the dogs and cars in his driveway didn't pull out his gun.... SCARY....

    I love succulents. We have them in our yard --and believe me, they take almost no care!!!!!!

    Have a great week.


  3. Wine/plants/friends equal fun times. Sounds like a blast to me :) Nice to hear that man was understanding! lol

  4. That is too funny about letting yourself in to a stranger's house!

  5. You did luck out in Texas it might have ended tragically...

  6. Oh my goodness! Sounds like they need to keep their front door locked! And you are definitely lucky you weren't shot! :)

    Those succulents are gorgeous. I've never had much luck keeping them alive.

  7. You always can take an ordinary day and make it sooooo funny! We, too, are thankful you survived the home invasion - - not only were you not shot but the dogs obviously were not good guard dogs!!!

    You are amazing for taking on more nature to care for. Hope they do well and you enjoy them bunches!

  8. OMG!
    I am so glad he was not like those people I watch on the ID channel!
    But you have a story that will beat anyone else's for the rest of your life!!!!
    Yay for friends and time together. : )

  9. Un saludo desde Almería España

  10. You never have a dull moment, do you?

  11. Love the story and glad it ended well. Few things are as underestimated as a day (or evening) out or home with "the girls." And it only gets better as you get older. Honest.

  12. That is sooo funny! I love it. The people in that house had to have such a chuckle too. I was having a grad party at my house last weekend and someone rang the bell a few hours early. I opened the door and a bald man looked at me and asked, 'Hello Kitty?' I thought that was funny. He was at the wrong house. (But he didn't let himself in). Sounds like a fun celebration!


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