May 23, 2019

Another milestone for me and WTF Blogger?

I noticed a huge drop in comments on my blog recently and it kind of perplexed me, made me sad, and a little angry. Yeah, I get angry sometimes. ;)

I've been visiting and commenting on a lot of blogs and then I realized that my comments really weren't being published, saved or read.
Blogger and Google are trying to break up and we're in the middle of this messiness.

I didn't even know I was using google while blogging, but apparently, most of us are.
I went back and adjusted my settings to only use my Blogger profile but was still having issues.
I've read and tried a thousand different ways to change my settings, but found out that it's just NOT my settings. It's YOUR settings too.

If your Blogger settings are set for ONLY GOOGLE comments to be added, a lot of people can't leave a comment. I have mine set to ANYONE can leave comments. (Blogger weeds out the spam for me)

If your blog only accepts GOOGLE accounts for comments, I wasn't able to leave a comment.
Zip, None, Nada.

I did find that adjusting my settings in Safari did help though. I had to weed through a LOT of information to find this and *crossing my fingers* it will work forever.

On my Mac Laptop, I had to go into
Safari- Preferences- Privacy, then UNCLICK Prevent Cross-Site tracking

Don't ask me what that means, but it seems to be working at the moment. Or maybe Google decided to stay in the marriage.

As for the milestone, I had my first colonoscopy this week. I have a really funny story to tell and NO, I didn't shart in a public place. This time.

Ta Ta for now!


  1. Thanks for sharing this info.
    I hope your dr. can help with your stomach pain. Of course, most every colonoscopy has a funny story!

  2. Thanks!
    So glad you have figured it out!
    And I turn 50 in September.
    Tell me the colonoscopy isn't that bad!!!!!!!!!

  3. That explains why I have not been able to comment on a lot of people because I have tried!

  4. Thanks for sharing the info. Hopefully this will help me leave comments without spending lots of time trying to get them to post!

  5. Isn't it a shame that as we get older, the milestones cease to be pleasant ones?


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