April 19, 2019

Which one of us will go first?

I've been struggling with allergies.
Or am I getting sick? 
I've had this same conversation every day with myself for almost 2 weeks.
Many nights I took a 24 allergy pill before bed but didn't notice any improvement.
One day I realized I'd forgotten to take the allergy pill at night, and decided to take in the morning.
Big mistake.
I was falling asleep at noon. Which was unfortunate since I was driving at the time.
Then I was remembering to take the pill at night.
Good for you SuzyQ.
Except, I was still getting crazily tired during the day.
I'll just suffer from the sinus/throat/nose issues.
Sleep driving is frowned upon.

I think the Coach was jelly of my struggles and he decided to get a phantom cramp in the lower left side of his belly.
He lived with it for over 24 hours. Then he decided to drive himself to the hospital for a CT scan.
Hey, I offered to take him.
They quickly ruled out a blockage of his intestines and decided it must be diverticulitis.
I ended up having to catch a ride to the hospital and pick him up since they gave him some pain meds as well as IV antibiotics.
See, I did save the day.
He, of course, was up early the next morning and headed off to work...he's a worker bee.
He's currently on antibiotics and has pain meds if he needs them although it seems the (fingers crossed) worst pain has passed.
He IS on a liquid diet for a few days though. Lord, that doesn't even sound fun.
I've had to eat all my food in the closet.
I don't allow food in the closet.

Hoping that he's feeling dandy like candy for Easter Sunday.

Well, that's all my woes for this week. And YES, I feel lucky that this is the only issue we're having at all.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Easter weekend!


  1. I'm glad you didn't get a ticket for sleep driving from a certain officer. I hope both you and Coach are feeling top-notch for Easter!

  2. I hope you both are feeling better soon. I have allergies and arthritis...both kick up in the spring. I have found a good med (allergy nose spray) that works wonders on the drip drip itch itch sneeze sneeze, but need something that works on the joint pain. Or I need to move to Arizona :)

  3. Feel better soon!!!
    And I did the same thing once...
    I forgot my allergy pill and took it in the morning.
    BIG mistake!!!!
    Happy Easter!

  4. Prayers for you both to feel better soon. Happy Easter with love to you and your family.

  5. Claritin does not make you sleepy and is pretty effective. Hope both of you are better soon.


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