April 17, 2019

This and that

This: I'm having a grand month with the monarchs. I'm not working as hard at it as I had been this time last year, which was becoming a bit overwhelming with all the feeding/cleaning/maintaining.
But even so, I've released 15 so far this week without stressing myself.

I've also given some plants and caterpillars to Lolo and Lindsay's kindergarten teacher for the school. She said they're having a blast watching the caterpillars eat and are anticipating the arrival of monarch butterflies.
See, I knew my obsession would pay off sometime, I'm gonna be richhhhhh. 
Or maybe not so rich.  

That: Lolo and Nathan came for a visit the weekend before last and brought along "Mad Dog-Mattis" for a visit.
He and Callie had a was nice to see Callie having some fun. She's been pretty low-key since Cocoa has left us and she seemed to really enjoy having a friend over for the evening.

Mattis has grown so much. And yes, SO MUCH HAIR.

I'll be very excited to share some great news about our Lolo soon; she's got some big changes coming and we couldn't be happier for her. For right now, she's still the cutest Popo in town.



  1. The monarchs are so cool! I think you feel the same about them as I feel about my hummingbirds. That dog is beautiful! Those eyes!

    Looking forward to hearing your daughter's news.

  2. You know how I love butterflies. The dog has grown so much. Amazing. I look forward to Lolo's news!

  3. I'm glad you're able to raise your butterflies with less stress this year. I look forward to your big news about Lolo


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