March 19, 2019

Saying goodbye is the worst, but sweet memories are the best.

We had to bid adieu to our sweet Cocoa on Monday.
The Cocoa-bean
The Cocoa-nater
The Cocoa-nut
The Cocoa-crispy
Our heart.

She was so full of personality from day one. She had the boxer wiggles when she was happy and she
could easily turn her body into a kidney bean when she was excited to see you. 
She climbed furniture like a cat. 
She lived for bananas, her family and car rides. 

Christmas past-Linds, Ozzie, Cocoa & Lolo

I was probably trying to write a blog right there. 
She would make me nuts at times with her shenanigans back in the day...chasing squirrels or opossums through the woods. She had no issue jumping the four-foot chain link fence if there was some fun involved. 

Her most favorite person without a doubt was the Coach. They had a serious love for each other.

Cocoa and Ozzie about 5 years ago. 
There may have been times that the girls and I dressed her up. Ok, mostly me, but I think she enjoyed it....well, she at least tolerated MY shenanigans.
She made it 13 1/2 years which is about 7,140 years old for a boxer. :) 

The last few weeks have been rough. She's lost a lot of weight and has had to endure medications just to keep food down. We all finally had enough and decided to send her on her way; her work here was done. 

Not only will we miss her, but our sweet old girl Callie will miss her as well.
Take a minute to hug your babies. 


  1. There's no doubt that Cocoa was a very special member of your family. Cherish the memories.

  2. I"m so sorry for your loss. Pets really and truly become like one of the family.

  3. Oh, so sorry. It's always so very hard. We've been down the path before and I'm afraid we're on it once again. We just have to think of all the love they gave us until the very end. And that makes the grief more bearable. In the words of Dr. Seuss: "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

  4. Well, you know I am bawling like a baby here. It is SOOOO hard to lose a beloved pet. I am glad she had such a wonderful family, Suz, to share her life with...there are many pets that don't have loving homes. I think she is running free over the rainbow bridge with all the enthusiasm of a young pup. I am really sorry for your loss and pain. xo Diana

  5. Oh, good Lord, Suz. I’m so sorry.

    I guess I know now why I was compelled to pop in here after being gone for years. You know I’m sending you lots of virtual hugs right now.


  6. I am so sorry! It absolutely gutted me when our kitty passed away so I totally get the grief you're dealing with. You loved her so well. She lived her very best life and has you to thank for it. Sending hugs as you navigate a new normal.

  7. I am so sorry!
    What a blessed member of your family.
    He was loved, for sure!


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