January 14, 2019

Suz at 13

A few days ago my Aunt Trisha stumbled upon these never before seen (by me) photos. She took them when I was around 13 and on a camping weekend with my Aunt and Uncle in Cherry Log, GA.

A few things struck me: 

I was smiling. 

I was cuter than I thought I was; I just thought my Mom HAD to say I was cute. 

My hair wasn't as hideous as I thought it was. (although soon after my Grandma took me to her 'beautician' and gave me an 'easy to take care of look'---Yes, a boys' haircut!) I wanted so badly to have hair like Blair on The Facts Of Life, but instead, I looked more like Tootie. 

The braces. I was SO thankful that I was finally able to get braces; I was a mouthful of crooked, but getting those was a cluster between my Mom, Dad and me living in a different state than my Dad and his insurance. 

That outfit. I had very few clothes; I recall wearing this particular outfit many times during the school week. 

I wish I knew at 13 that it would all work out for me. I'd get the life that I dreamt of having, but didn't think it could be a reality; you know, a functional family life.  

A girl scout leader in the making

I wish I could go back and tell my 13-year-old self to NOT be so hard on myself, I will grow taller than 4'9 and weigh more than a toddler at some point., it's ok to not be a cool kid or even friends with the cool kids.
And that I'll have a slew of quality people in my life who will get me.
It was gonna be more than all right.


  1. OMGOSH- You were (are) adorable! Those are fantastic pictures and you were as sweet as could be! xo Diana

  2. I love that she found those pictures! And yes, I feel like we could all tell our 13-year-old selves a few things. I'm trying to tell my daughter those things right now but sometimes, you just have to learn through experience.

  3. You looked pretty sassy at a ge 13 as far as I'm concerned. You have some great words of wisdom for your 13-year old self.

  4. Thirteen is a very difficult age...for the teen and for everyone around her. Nothing ever seems right. So even if you could have told your thirteen-year-old self all those things, you wouldn't have believed them.

  5. these are so sweet... good finds!

  6. Precious photos to cherish. I'm so thankful you have a loving husband and children and a LOT of friends who love you....including me! May God continue to bless you. xo


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