January 04, 2019

NYE 2018.....2019

The Coach and I are not big on going out for New Year's Eve.
Mostly because staying out that late is not easy....and I'm assuming everyone ON the road is drunk. Just ask Lolo-she gives out DUI's left and right.

So, we opt to go out for an early dinner, then home for an exciting night of TV watching.

I had two of my TV watching was cut short because I couldn't keep my eyes open past 10:30.

I hope that's not indicative of how my 2019 will falling asleep before all the fun is had.

Wishing you all a fresh, healthy and FUN 2019!!


  1. I was asleep before that! Happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year! And i don't think there's anything wrong with falling asleep on the couch and missing out on some fun! (Wow! That makes me sound really old!)

  3. Sometimes falling asleep is more fun than the fun.

  4. Happy New Year! You're not alone -- we were also asleep when the new year started!

  5. Happy New Year!
    I had a nap... so I made it to see the first 3 minutes of the new year!

  6. It's been years since we've seen the new year arrive. ox


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