December 27, 2018

The birthday girl #23

My baby is offically grown up.
It's kind of painful, but it's also pretty awesome.

Lindsay was such an easy baby and toddler....
 I think she knew her sister wore me out....she was going easy on me. 
Well, until she turned about 12. :) 

She danced most of her childhood and that kept her (and her family) very busy. 

She's now doing her own thing, working, living, making plans for her future. 
Wishing her nothing but the best today and always-we love you Lindsburger!!



  1. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter.
    Those years pass quickly, don't they!???

  2. Happy Birthday, Lindsay. The pictures -- and memories -- are priceless.

  3. We blink and they are grown. Just like that.

  4. love her to pieces... so happy to see her in december!

  5. She is beautiful and I wish her all the best in life. Sweet photos. xo


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