July 13, 2018

Twenty Five

Our sweet little nugget Lolo is officially 25 today.
I'm not going to go on and on about how that blows my mind, but my mind is officially blown; therefore I have a huge mess to clean up.

Lolo was a sweet, but challenging toddler.
I thought I'd lose my mind between the ages of 1-4. The child didn't slow down. Ever.

Lauren is one of those rare types that has so much knowledge of so many things; very well rounded in her intelligence. Of course, she also amazes me with her quick wit.

She and I both appreciate a nice (cucumber) margarita.

We couldn't be more proud of the young woman she has become.

Wishing her a super special day and year to come and Lord, please keep her safe. She's working tonight and she says Fridays that fall on the 13th are always interesting.



  1. did a good job mama! 😀

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your wonderful daughter.

  3. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter!
    How DO these babies grow up so quickly???
    Have a nice weekend. : )

  4. It's hard to believe that our kids aren't just growing up, but grown. Wow. Time, it sure flies. Happy birthday to Lauren and prayers always for safety.

  5. Happy belated birthday to her!

  6. Oh, and an interesting Friday the 13th fact. My daddy and two of his siblings were born on Friday the 13th. My Jacob was born on Friday the 13th, too. A planned c-section, but I didn't think about it at the time. Anyway, we love Fridays that fall on the 13th. ;)


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