June 27, 2018

The one where I'm the PopoUber.

Last weekend, Lolo, her BF, her bestie and another popo were attending a wedding out in my neck of the woods.
Lo asked if they could spend the night at our house after the wedding and avoid the 35-45 minute drive afterward.
Of course.
And then I upped the fun for them by offering to drive them to said wedding and pick them back up too; that way they can imbibe in cocktails and not worry about driving.
I'm a giver.
I'm a driver.
I'm a driving giver.
Plus, ain't nobody got time for tipsy driving....especially law-abiding police officers.

I asked Lo to send me a picture of her and her boyfriend; the deputy.
She asked: "Are you going to blog about this?"
Honestly, I wasn't until she mentioned it.....

And these two? 
Such cuties.
And doing good stuff in the world protecting little ole me and you.
and you.
and you.

I pray daily that they can continue to do good things AND to be safe while doing them.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.



  1. I'm glad you decided to share that photo of Lolo and her BF. They make a beautiful couple.

  2. They are sooooo good-looking! Thankful they got time to relax from keeping their part of the world safe. You are a good mom to be the chauffeur for the night. Guess they didn't give you any tickets for your driving?!!!

  3. Hi, I know how proud you are of your daughter (actually, both daughters)... Glad you would help out with the driving.. My biggest fear is these young adults having to drive after they have enjoyed some of their favorite drinks.... Thank Goodness for UBER!!!!!!

    Love the picture of that cute couple.

  4. Blessed indeed are the peacemakers in our world. I, too, am a familyuber driver and love that I can help when/as I can. xo Diana

  5. You are a good mama! And what a cute couple!

  6. What a darling couple!!!!
    And what a good mama!!!

  7. ...question, was she standing in a hole or was he standing on a chair?

  8. Tom, she was sitting in a chair. ;0

  9. I thought she was short, too, there for a minute! Then I looked closer. ;) You're a good giver and driver.

  10. Looks like they were having fun!

  11. You are definitely a five-star mom! So thoughtful.


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