March 16, 2018

Paradise for songwriters and music lovers (the photo final)

On our island hopping tour we stopped and fed the pigs on Pig Beach. They actually see you coming and swim out to you so they can be the first to get some apples; they're literally pigs living on an island with more pigs and chickens. 

 They are protected now because, well, you know how humans are when it comes to bacon. 

I was in sea glass heaven!

We had some great meals in our rental compound house.

Da girls with the 'rock star'. 

Since it was Kelly's birthday week. We arranged to get a signed guitar for her; signed by all the artists of the week. She was SO surprised! She's currently taking lessons and will be touring next year with Miranda Lambert. 

What a fun filled week with friends who are like family; but not the annoying kind of family. 



  1. Beautiful and fun photos. I'll be looking for the birthday girl on tour next year! lol
    I can't swim, but wave a candy bar in front of me and I would try!

  2. All caught up on your vacay! Y'all have the best get aways!!! Swimming with the pigs???? I'm not so sure about that, but you can say that you've done it!

  3. It looks as if you had a marvelous time. I suspect you could get used to island life!


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