December 31, 2016

Before it's 2017....

We had a lovely Christmas season at the BusyBee homestead!

We were able to have many parties this year; celebrating employees, friends and family.
Honestly, we're SO blessed.

We were able to spend a lot of quality time with the girls; they even spent the night on Christmas Eve! I told them Santa doesn't know that they've moved out.
 The Coach and I at our company party; I'd say we cleaned up well for the night. 

We had over 120 people for this lovely event; it's so NICE to let our people know how they're appreciated!

The girls and I at our Company Party. They're the best kind of fun.

Our house partay one week later.
Linds, Dawn, Lolo and Suz---Dawn thought it would be appropriate to wear the table light decorations. Honestly....after all these years I don't even try to contain her enthusiasm. Nope.

Is it just me, or do I look angelic with lights behind me? I was hoping to fool everyone, especially Santa!
The Coach and his offspring. 

Sweaty Suz and her girls on Christmas Eve. I had my head in the oven for a while.....
 Cocoa on Christmas Eve wondering what she's done wrong to deserve this.

Funny story. We had our house party catered this year and it was a great idea! Hosting for 50 people can become hectic. The food that the chef prepared was delish and the staff cleaned UP the entire kitchen/bar area. We thought there were more leftovers than we found in the fridge. The next day we were scratching our heads trying to figure out where all the yummy meatballs went since we knew there were more than could be eaten.
Fast forward one week later on Christmas Eve when I opened up the (large side) our oven and found the pan full of meatballs.....but now they looked like a science experiment! There was much gagging happening as I had to clean out the pan!  I'll leave you with that visual.

Wishing all my blog friends a beautiful 2017 to come!!


  1. Love the party photos! Looks like Dec. was a very festive month. Too funny about the leftover meat balls! Rarely do I buy fresh fish, but I did ONCE. It slid out of my grocery bag under the seat and did not find it til the next day! GAG!
    Happy New Year!

  2. You're the hostess with the mostess! It looks like they were lovely parties!That Dawn. She's a mess, right? ;)

  3. It looks as if you had a wonderful holiday season, although I'm not sure Cocoa would agree. It's too bad about those meatballs.

  4. Greetings, Suz,
    A visit to your blog always cheers me up! I love seeing you and the Coach with your girls. Treasure the time you spend together! Happy New Year to you and yours. Take care, ~Natalie


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