June 08, 2016

Life with the big dog and our birds view

In the planning stages of the remodel, we had an 'extra' area that needed to be used. My very first instinct was: Sitting area. 
It was open, smallish and to the side of the front doors and the side of the kitchen. 
And hey, one of my favorite hobbies is sitting.
Not really, but it sounds good.
I knew I wanted swivel chairs. Because I'm 5 going on 11. And it afforded the sitting area to fully take in the kitchen and family room via the swivel.
Plus, I'm 5 going on 11. 

This lovely little sitting area was just right, but it had a LARGE blank wall.
And we can't have that. 
It needed something big. 
Something colorful.
Something with a wet nose. 
It needed Cocoa  X 250%.

While perusing pinterest months ago I spotted a tutorial on making a piece of art with a shower curtain; I was intrigued.

And the Coach was on board...that's most of the battle.

While I loved the Octopus art work, our good friends Don and Kelly who'd just remodeled their home had a lovely Octopus paining in their family room and I couldn't do the same thing. Or near the same thing.

So, I searched for a boxer shower curtain and BAM. I found one. 

We're thrilled with our 'expensive' art piece.
(it's simply a plywood frame that you staple the curtain onto)

The best part is, if we grow tired of seeing this colorful Cocoa in a few years, it's easy to change it up. 
But really, who would get tired of looking at THAT FACE? 

I added a new feeder to this front window and it's busy with cardinals, blue jays and wood peckers. 
We couldn't be happier with how it came together. 


  1. oh my gosh, i absolutely LOVE that shower curtain artwook! it's so colorful and looks great there...didn't you blog about that before? it sounds familiar...i am going to check out the link...did you hang it yourself? i get overwhelmed trying to hang photos, much less something that big, trying to get it straight!

  2. Who knew? The art work is fantastic! Great spot for the feeder.

    I have got to pace myself on Bloodline. It is so addicting.

  3. That's fabulous! It couldn't be more perfect for your home.

  4. That's a shower curtain???? So very cool. I will have to keep this in mind if I ever have a large wall to fill up. And I absolutely love those swivel chairs!

  5. I am all about swivel chairs! I have worn out several over the years!
    The "shower curtain" is a great idea and I truly love it! I adore this sitting area and the view out the window. Job well done.

  6. It is fantastic! I love this idea. Maybe I will have to track down a buffalo shower curtain.

  7. What a super clever idea with the artwork! I never would have thought that is what it was! Have you put that idea on Pinterest?!!

  8. so cute. really, really like it. very creative.

  9. You certainly put together a great sitting area. I love the artwork.

  10. Wow. That shower curtain art looks AMAZING! Heck, the whole corner looks amazing!


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