April 20, 2015

An Update

Thank you all for your sweet emails and comments regarding my Mom.

I ventured up to ATL to be with her while she started her chemotherapy treatments. Things started smoothly then went to hell in a pretty handbasket. She had several complications and was feeling miserable.
I had an open ended ticket and was going to stay as long as needed. We {Coach and I} had plans for April 11-13th, and I was going to cancel and stay because she was in a bad state at that time, but she insisted on me keeping our plans.

The Coach and I had a fabulous weekend, and I'm thankful that my Mom insisted I go home for a bit.
Almost 30 years together and this was our longest separation; 15 days. I missed him terribly.
Right now Mom is doing well with her treatments. Her hairs started falling out right away, which I thought would take longer. She is now able to eat food and "let the food leave her body" like a normal person. (that wasn't the case for  a while)

 I was able to get in some walking daily while at my Moms place; good for my heart and brain.
But I had to watch out for  these guys....because they were everywhere!
Canadian Geese (and their poop!) in GA. 
Who knew?
I mean, I knew geese pooped....I just didn't know they took up residence in GA!

I'm heading back up there this week. This trip was planned to celebrate her birthday before she became ill.
We have much to celebrate; right?

I've been super busy catching up on things while I'm home and prepping to leave again.
I hope you're all doing well; I miss you!



  1. Sorry your mom has to go through that. She must be thankful you can be by her side though! Hope it gets easier.

  2. so glad she is stabilizing with her treatments and regaining control of her body! bless her!

  3. I'm sorry that your mom has to go through this. She must be so glad to have you by her side. I hope it gets easier, for both of you!

  4. Thank you for this update. Beautiful photo of you and Coach. I continue to pray for your Mom. God bless as you travel. Love to you all.

  5. I am sorry your mom has to go through this and it was off to such a rocky start. I hope all the treatments are helping and it will get easier. Glad you got to spend some time with your hubby. :-)

  6. Thank you for the update. I know it all sucks rotten clams...used that one on my girl the other day and she about fell over laughing. So you're welcome for that at least. Still praying for you and your sweet mama during this crummy to the max time. Hugs and love!

  7. So sorry that your Mom is having a lot of trouble. Prayers that her symptoms ease up.

  8. i've been thinking about you and your mom...i am glad you were able to catch a little break and see coach...i'm sure that did you good...continued prayers...yeah, those geese are poopers!

  9. I'm so sorry your mom has been having to go through all this. I pray she feels better soon and that you get some rest.

  10. I'm glad to hear that your mother is doing better now -- that chemo can be rough. I hope that she continues to do well and that the treatment takes out her cancer along with her hair. I'm happy that you had a wonderful weekend with Coach. Watch out for the geese when you head back to Atlanta.

  11. Poor thing, yucky stuff. I'm glad she has a great daughter like you to help take care of her!

  12. I'm so glad that you had a little R&R with your man; much-needed by both of you, after that 15-day separation. Pretty amazing that it's the longest time you've been apart in all of those years - I think you two really LIKE each other! ;) How wonderful.
    You and your mom are in my prayers for comfort, peace, healing, humor, and for everyone's food to do what it's supposed to do, the way it's supposed to do it (I shall say no more on the subject, but I sympathize). I know that you will bring your sweetness, wit & sass with you, so she will feel better as soon as she sees your face! XOXO

  13. So glad to hear you had an open ended ticket so you could be there for your Mama. Sending more hugs and strength for both of you!

  14. Thanks for the update. Still sending positive and comforting heartfelt good wishes to all of you.


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