February 09, 2015

I can't imagine what I'll do with all that moola!

A few weeks ago both girls were home for an evening. The four of us were having a very deep and  lengthy conversation regarding school, degrees and career choices.

Both girls are shifting their goals; Linds, while her goal is towards dual majors, is thinking of focusing on one degree rather than the other, Lolo is thinking of making a major career choice-change that has nothing with both of her {almost} degrees. 

Make sense? 
It happens.

Well, once everyone was able to communicate their thoughts I had to come clean as I've been wavering myself. 

I've got to let you all know that after much thought and consideration, I'm going to follow my dreams of becoming an exotic dancer.

Thank goodness I've got such a supportive family.

My next big contemplation will be choosing my stage name;Cookie perhaps?

If you need me, I'll be stretching. 


Tanya Breese said...

you go cookie!!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Does one ever really know what she wants to do in life?

TexWisGirl said...

install the stripper pole, pronto!

NCmountainwoman said...

Go for it, blogger buddy.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

HA HA ---you always make me laugh in your posts... I thought you were going to give your daughters some very mature thoughts on their futures... Well----that didn't happen, did it??????

Hope you enjoy all of that money while climbing those poles, etc. etc. etc...... ha ha


Anke said...

Lookie lookie lookie, here comes cookie... ;-)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

People have to do what they have to do..if they can :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

That can be my tagline.

Anonymous said...

Cookie has always been my "dream" name too! The other day, an old friend mistakenly called me "Marty." You guessed it - that is what John is calling me now!