January 07, 2015

To destroy or NOT destroy, that is the question.

The scene: 

Our living room, Christmas morning, 10 minutes after Cocoa received this toy in her stocking. 
Ok, I just lied. 
Her toy was to her right...this was one of the visiting Labradors toys. Hence, her contemplating. 
 Can you see the contemplation in her face?

Her decision was: To Destroy. 

I can't bear to show the after photo; a dog toy tragedy. 

I've already destroyed two checks this week by writing 2014 on them; woe is me. 


  1. That's why we quit buying toys with stuffing inside for our dogs - it was a massacre every single time. ;-)

  2. laughing - at both of you!

  3. At least she thought about it.

  4. i am thankful i have not had to write a check yet. i may even write 2013 on it because i am that far behind!!! oh cocoa... at least she was smart enough to destroy someone else's toy!

  5. Oh Cocoa! I bought my favorite neighbor dog the best stuffed hedgehog toy and so far he still has stuffing. New league record!

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