January 13, 2015

This Tater is Trying to Take over

I worked in the yard/garden for several hours on Saturday.
It's so nice to do it on a day when it's both sunny out while being cool enough so that I don't drown in my own sweat.
A rarity.

Do you get the feeling that this ornamental potato plant is enjoying it's location? 
He/She/it appears to be taking over the upper lanai area. It's of the plants I tended to this weekend....he/she/it is now trimmed to a decent size.
I almost hated trimming he/she/it....but he/she/it was creating a traffic problem. 
And in case you were wondering, {I'm sure you were} there appears to be a potato at the root!
Go figure.
Happy Wednesday {oops} Tuesday my party people; this SPUDS for you. 



  1. While you were working in the garden under clear blue skies, we were holed up inside under grey skies and drizzling rain. Aaaand it's going to be like that for the next few days... :-(

  2. This spuds for me, eh? Happy Tuesday, Suz!

  3. :)
    the leaves are so pretty!!! and i do love the way it is crawling out, but i guess it does pose a traffic issue. UNLESS you make a u-turn only sign for your lanai?!?!?! glad you could work out some stresses in the garden!!! xo

  4. You definitely have a green thumb. I'm glad you got the vine back under control.

  5. Gorgeous vine. We used to sprout them in glasses of water suspended with toothpicks. Made some great foliage.

  6. gosh, you're living in summertime! :)

  7. That's hilarious, looks like it needs a sun lounger to spread out onto!

  8. It is a sweet potato vine. Yes you will have a sweet potato in the ground. I grow that alot here in the summer. Love that stuff!

  9. Okay, that's a little creepy ;-)

  10. Potato vines can be completely crazy. It's one of those plants that I had "up north" that I had NO IDEA would go insane when planted down here. Sort of like the hibiscus that was supposed to be dwarf and grew to be taller than my house. Happy gardening. Mine is a complete mess but I've been too busy to get out there in the weeds.


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