October 15, 2014

He just keeps getting {weirder} older every year!

Yesterday was the Coach's birthday. I don't want to give his age, but next year is a milestone that starts with fif and ends with ty.

This year we celebrated in Austin, TX with our East coast friends Don and Kelly. 
 The Austinites are proud to be weird. As a matter of fact, they want to Keep It Weird; quite a fitting place for me since I'm a fan of non-boring stuff. 

We actually inquired to some locals as to why the people of Austin are weird.
They were offended and threw play-doh at our feet and shouted blobbidy blob blob.

Ok, I just made that up, we didn't meet any violent weirdos.

I'll share some of our trip later....but for now, lets just celebrate this amazing guy who not only puts up with me, but I kinda think he loves me as much as I love him!
Us on a day trip to San Antonio at the River Walk district. No, I didn't have a super big taco for lunch, that's my swing bag under my cardigan, but thanks for noticing!

I hope you're all well and weird.



  1. Well and weird here - wouldn't have it any other way. Life is too short for it to be boring and dull... Happy birthday to your weird fella, hope his birthday is fun filled and happy!

  2. Oh you two blondes sure know how to have fun (well in a weird sort of way) .
    Happy weird belated birthday to you Coach ~
    and may there be many more to spend with that cool and crazy girl of yours .
    Well and super weird,

  3. Happy Birthday to Coach!!!!! Bet you are already planning his next BIG birthday celebration.... ha

    I thought your leg was propped up on a rock or something... Never thought you had eaten a BIG taco.... You are so silly!!!!!!

    Glad you enjoyed Texas. I spent 12 years there.


  4. I had a feeling. Austin is all about the weird. Looking forward to other pics and hearing more about your {weird} adventures. Oh...and happy birthday to the hubs! : )

  5. I didn't realize that Austin was noted for weirdness, but I've never been there so what do I know? It looks as if Coach had a great birthday, and I look forward to seeing more pictures.

  6. In college we always drove down for the big Halloween party on 6th street in Austin every year. Now talk about seeing some weird things...

  7. Well happy birthday to your other half. He always seems such a nice guy!

  8. Happy Birthday, Coach! And I can't wait to hear more about your trip!

  9. i can't wait to hear more fiesta details... and next time i should just come along, since it is clear to me that you thought of ME at every turn anyway!!! i am glad you went to san antonio, too!!! it does without saying that i love anyplace you can eat tacos 6 meals a day...

  10. oops... i forgot... happy birthday coach!!!!

  11. happy birthday coach! lol, i'm glad you didn't give his age away :)

  12. Happy [FILL IN THE BLANK] (see above) Birthday to Coach!

  13. Yes, I am both well and weird. Glad you had a good trip. A little weird for a Florida couple and an East Coast couple to meet up in Austin. Oh, maybe it was for the weird.

  14. I'm definitely weird. Happy Birthday, Coach!

  15. You and that Coach of yours know how to have fun. Austin is supposed to be a great city - do tell more!
    P.S. I love the taco-swing-bag line.

  16. Ah, a big happy birthday to the coach, you guys look great.

  17. A good marriage is one in which each person thinks he/she got the better deal. We are both very lucky! Happy Belated to your man!

  18. Oh and I was just at the Riverwalk. You may have seen on FB, lol.


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