August 08, 2014

Willy Nilly~TGIF!!

Joining Tanya and friends for 5 willy nilly thoughts, musings, pics from the week. 

1) Linds has been home from her summer college session for a week or so.
I'm thinking of changing her name to something more fitting.
Cave dweller?
Nocturnal Nancy?
I'm {kinda} kidding.
She's up most of the night and gets her beauty sleep until noonish.
She goes back to school on Wednesday and is going to have to revert back to the old Lindsay asap. 

2) Corn on the cob in the microwave. WHY did I wait so long to try this??

3) Last weekend I met a real live fake celebrity who was posing as a waiter.
If you guessed it was Lain Glen from The Game of Thrones & Downton Abbey; then you win a pony!

4) I had an emergency visit to the vet this week.
For the dogs? Nope
 For the cats? Nope.
For Lolo's chameleon Zim. {she couldn't leave work}
Zim was looking really bad, {brown, weak, clumsy} but I'm glad to say she is on the mend. 
Lolo has gone out of town now and guess who is having to administer liquid medicine INTO the chameleons mouth?
It took both the Coach and I to do it last night. 
My job as caretaker is varied. 

5) Into the Mystic by Van Morrison. 
Every time I hear this song I have one thought: This is the song that should be played at my memorial. 
Sure, I'm kinda morbid.
And sure, the song has nothing to do with me or death; but I can't shake that thought when I hear it. 

So, have you any kind words to share at my memorial? 
Remember, I can and will haunt you. 

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend filled with fresh corn, nice people and NO visits to the vet! 
Around Roanoke


  1. Look at you! And as far as administering liquid medicine in the chameleon's Just no. You're a good mom is all I can say.

  2. I've never tried corn on the cob in the microwave. As luck would have it, there's some in our fridge... I LOVE that Van Morrison song!! Every time I hear it, I think about the movie "Dream a little dream". It's an oldie, but I loved it!

  3. Well---I will eat some fresh corn (on the cob, of course) --but no visits to the vet here... Glad Zim is doing okay!

    I remember those days --when I was YOUNG... I'd stay up half the night --and sleep til noon.... Oh the joys of being 'that' age again!!!! (BUT--if truth be told, I wouldn't want to go through that any longer.)

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. haha ash is the same is linds, a total nocturnal nancy, love that saying lol...what a cute pic of zim, glad he's feeling, that waiter really does look like him! have a great weekend and thanks for linking!

  5. I would have all kinds of nice things to say at your memorial starting with, "Isn't it amazing that we all made it to 100?" Glad the lizard is on the mend!

  6. glad zim is doing better!

  7. My oldest daughter, first visit home from college, many years ago, showed up with Stu. Stu was her roommate's hamster.

    Her: "Mom, my roommate couldn't take Stu on the plane, so I brought him home."
    Me: "I'm allergic to Stu. You'll have to feed him."
    Her: "I'm going to FRIEND'S HOUSE for the weekend."
    Me: "Fine. I'll put the food and water in his cage while you're gone."
    Her: "He only eats oatmeal."
    Me: "Fine."
    Her: "Will you go buy some?"
    Me: *sigh*
    Her: "Make sure it's organic."
    Me: *SIGH*

    1. I died reading this. You gotta love our kids; they know we are almost boundless with them!

  8. putting medicine in the mouth of a chameleon...what we do for our kids! :-) Neat Willy Nilly Five! Oh, just read Cheri's comment above this...too funny. Yep! Like I said! :-)

  9. I don't even think th et e are any vets around here that see reptiles! Hope Zim is all better!

  10. Corn on the cob and no steamy kitchen or loud vent fan? Priceless

  11. Many years ago my daughter had a pet fish ( which means we had a fish that I took care of ) and one day it developed spots of some sort. I actually put the fish in a plastic bag full of water, drove 40 minutes to the pet store, and asked, "Look, whats wrong with my fish?"
    So glad Zim is doing better.

  12. Poor Zim....I hope she fully recovers!!

    I remember those days of sleeping 'til noon and staying up 'til 2 a.m. Long, long, long ago for me tho.

  13. Hope Zim does well. You guys have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Zim is the coolest.

    I think the only time in my life I slept until noon was when I had pneumonia.

  15. Zim really needs a website - Grumpy Chameleon. That face! :)

  16. I can't imagine giving meds to a chameleon. I love Into the Mystic. It reminds me of my daughter's wedding recption. Son in law is a musician and his band played this song. Of course they played for free. Good to know talented fellas when planning a wedding.

  17. "She could make almost any subject funny." That's my eulogy. I hope you don't need it any time soon!


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