August 21, 2014


I had guacamole for lunch yesterday; not waffles. 
I don't even like waffles. Although, I'd rate them higher than pancakes. 
I've been waffling with this blog thing.
Should I stop. Should I continue. Should I keep thinking about it?
I'm over over-thinking things. again. 
I have a tendency to over-think OR to not think at all.
I should try to be more in the middle. Medium perhaps.
I've decided to stop waffling. Stop over thinking and just continue. Minus stressing about anything. 

By the way, please remind me to not have JUST guacamole for lunch. That was not a good idea at all.

Hey, here's a picture of some important items I recently came across.
My retainer, my headgear, my Duran Duran keychain and of course my Alf button.

I'm sure you're wondering….. and the answer is NO.
NO, my retainer doesn't fit anymore; can you believe that my mouth has grown?

Perhaps at one time I did consume mass quantities of waffles.
How about you? Waffling over anything lately?


  1. Hey I had a headgear just like that!! Hated that stupid thing. And my retainer fit for a long, long time then I decided to quit with it. I can't get it in now, but my teeth haven't moved, so that's good.

    Glad you're ticking around. ;)

  2. I wore a retainer for years and hated that thing! I was supposed to wear it at night and I guess my loathing for it was so bad, I would take it out, hide it somewhere and then not know where it was when I woke up in the morning. Fun times... ;-) I'm glad you're sticking around, I'd miss you! :-)

  3. What? No chips with that guac??

    You should definitely hang around! We'd miss you!

  4. what a unique collection! yikes!!!
    take a break, but don't leave us without your laughter :) please!!!!!
    guac for lunch? sounds good to me! of course if you had it with rice, just a few beans, chicken, corn salsa, lettuce & pico it would be better :)

  5. I think waffling is a natural part of late August. I can't believe you kept the orthodontic appliances. Is there a reason?

  6. Better than just jellybeans for lunch :)

  7. you're a goof. loved alf. you need to do what makes you happy, and if that's sharing here when you feel like it, then good. :)

  8. Either you found some stuff or you started working at TGIFridays...flair anyone? (ok, not the retainer part). LOL I know how you feel about the whole blog thing. It takes time. And especially for me, since my girl has grown up some, some of my material has dried up. Not that I was ever a mommy blogger. But still. Sometimes I wonder if my blog ship has sailed. I kind of hope you stick around though, because you make me smile. But you make me smile whether you're blogging or not. : )

  9. Well, now I want waffles. :-)

    I like your approach of just continuing without stressing about it. Carry on!

  10. Oh we are different on the waffle over pancakes thing...pancakes wins for sure. And to blog or not? Please keep it up, but don't stress about it. Your post bring a smile and sometimes an out loud laugh almost daily.

  11. I'm impressed that you kept your retainer. Both of my kids couldn't get rid of theirs soon enough. You're not the only one waffling (by the way, I love waffles) about this blogging thing. But I selfishly hope you'll stick with it -- we'd all miss you.

  12. Here you are ~ oh my good gosh darn , you better keep on blogging ,
    no waffling on that I would miss you SOOOOO much ~ funny girl !
    I had guacamole for lunch TODAY ~ really !

  13. straight up guac, all by itself, by the spoonful? what?! i like waffles. i like pecan waffles...mmmm...but i love sour dough pancakes. my grandparents used to make them every weekend. haven't had them since i was a kid. the whole sour dough starter thing scares me so i will never do my own sour dough. so no more sour dough pancakes. haha headgear. omg, so many kids had that back such thing now right? funny that alf was such a popular show. it really was a stupid concept but we loved it lol...i better stop waffling and fold clothes.

  14. Hmm, I wonder what happened to my retainer. Then again, I'm not sure I really want to know.
    I like pecan waffles. But I'm too lazy to make them. Pancakes are easier.
    When I waffle over blogging, I just don't do it for awhile. That works for me.

  15. Hmmm, your second daughter leaves homw and you think of ending your blog....maybe not a coincidence?

  16. YES, you should keep writing! And you must have been really attached to that retainer and headgear (pun intended), to keep it all of this time!
    P.S. - congratulations to your girl on making the big move to dorm living. College is such a great time of life, and she will have fun AND learn so much!

  17. Yes, keep writing... Do!!! (ALF!)

  18. Definitely keep writing. You have a literary gift and make us all smile. I like pancakes better than waffles - - - even though I do make a great waffle, compliments of Alton Brown's recipe. My favorite pancakes I make are applesauce cinnamon.

  19. That is one of the most interesting collections I have seen together lol

  20. WHY???? Why did you keep the devices of torture from your youth? There's a blog post idea for you. I'd miss you too much so you have to keep on blogging. :)

  21. Hilarious that you still have your headgear & retainer!

  22. I've read two posts and I'm hooked. Please keep writing! Love it!


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