June 12, 2014

All the party people in the house

Oh my tiredness. 
We had company. We had graduation. We had the party of parties. We had 2 days of college orientation. We had work. We then went off for a family vacay.
Life is busy. Life is good.
We got back last night and I have much to share about our little getaway. 
{Hint: I'll not be happy until I have my very own pet dolphin!!}

I did want to share some of Lindsay's graduation party. Let me preface this by saying I COULDN'T have done it alone. IT takes a team.
My Mom, Aunt, Uncle, Coach, Lolo, Linds, BOTH SETS OF INLAWS and myself made it happen.

Oh….and my sweet friend Dawn made these amazing cupcake holders!!

My child could not decide between cupcakes or a cake….and since I usually say NO to so much, I said yes.  She asked if we could change the "English" book to "Dance". 

So, I'm low on candid and decoration photos. Why? Because my good camera was set up for our Photo-booth. Yep….we rigged it up and it was FUN FUN FUN!

If you mix teenage girls with a camera….well, you'll not see or hear from them forever.
They could do this all day…..and if you counted all the pics I have, they did. 

I tried to get Linds in with all her guests. Everyone was game….The afro wig saw a lot of action. 

Linds, Suz and cuz Patrick…yes, we are rappers. Or gangsters. Or just silly people with hats….

That sparkly mask my Uncle Jim is wearing is missing…..I think he really liked it!

My Mom is the original gangster. That gang sign?
"Yo, I'm up for two knee replacements…any takers?"

My sweet friend Dawn and her boys.
It was such a great party….so many of our family members and friends who are family members joined us to celebrate Lindsay!

And of course…..I got a family photo. I'm thinking Christmas card????

I hope you are all doing well. I'm back to work today and I'll try to catch up with everyone soon.
Woot woot. I've nothing out of the ordinary scheduled for at least 7 days. 


amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Love, love, love it--the party decor (especially the cupcake wrappers), the photo booth, the family, the fun!

Southern Gal said...

Love it! Photo booths are so much fun.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

No doubt Uncle Jim is now sporting his sparkle mask all around town...

Dawn said...

hey now! there is a decent pic! i don't think you sent me that one!!! your party was great... thanks for letting us come late, taking ALL the food back out AND letting us stay past bedtime!!!! love you!!!!

and i totally think you have room for a pet dolphin!!!! i hope you had an AMAZING time... i bet it was at least better than your last trip there {hee, hee!}

Anke said...

What a fun party!! I'll have to come and ask you for tips and tricks when it's Hannah's turn to graduate in two years. Gulp, that seems like it's in the very near future... Pet dolphin, I think you need to make room for that. ;-)

TexWisGirl said...

so fun! i do love the christmas card one!

NCmountainwoman said...

Make your own photo booth. What a great idea. Glad it was such a fun party.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

What a happy bunch!!!!! Bet that was an awesome party... Sounds like you had lots of help ---so that YOU could also enjoy yourself (which you are obviously doing)... Love all of the photos--especially your MOM... Tell her she has an amazing daughter!

Congrats to Linds.

Anonymous said...

Fun, fun pictures! Love the cupcake papers!

Mary said...

LOVE those pictures! :)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Ok now I want cupcakes

Willow said...

Oh my gosh , what a a gosh darn ~ fun family you have !
Love it , love it !!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Oh, how much wonderfulness! I haven't been on in forever and you only posted 3 times--I knew something was up. Was that turquoise dress from Soma? So cute.

George said...

The party looks as if it was a blast. It definitely looks as if a good time was had by all.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

woot woot :)

Anonymous said...

What a FUN party!!!! And I scrolled down to her grad post (playing catch up), her shoes were AMAZING!!!!!

Unknown said...

It looks like wonderful, full week (month?) you've had! I'm so far behind on blogging that I started reading this days ago, and just today, finally got to the FUN photo booth! Only you would think of, and make that happen, Suz! You are the most fun mom in Florida (or should I say, Flo-RIDAH?)!
Congratulations to you and your family, especially that sweet graduate! xoxo