June 02, 2014

23 & moving up

It's been a week!
I've so much to share, but most likely you don't want or need to hear it all. 
Or do you…..

Coach and I celebrated 23 years of being legally married on the 25th!
And to think….not ONE person said it wouldn't last. See, we are proving everyone right!
It's been real. 
It's been fun. 
It's been mostly real fun. 
Well for me anyway….
I can't speak for him. Well I could, but that wouldn't be appropriate.
Then again, who could stop me?
I'm a lucky girl that is for sure.
Linds graduated last week. 
I have much to share about that. 

We had our fun family in town all week AND we hosted a huge party on Saturday.
I'm too pooped to pop I tell ya. 

Now Linds and I have two full days of college orientation.
Do you think they'll notice if I'm sleeping in the back row?

I'll catch up with you peeps soon….I promise!


  1. Congratulations to Lindsay! Happy Anniversary to you!

    Are you unpoopular? Do you pop out at parties? You reminded me of Lucy there for a minute. ;)

  2. Go Lindsay ! Congrats !!
    Have fun sleeping in the back row busy mom ~
    wear a big floppy hat , they won't notice .

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and Coach and all the best to the graduate!

  4. Happy anniversary! That's awesome!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you and Coach!! Wishing you many, many, many more happy years together! Congratulations to Lindsey!!

  6. congrats to all 3 of you! :)

  7. i love these celebrations!!!! and i loved celebrating with you! xoxo

  8. 23 years is a really big deal.
    I cried about Linds graduating. Literally cried.
    Tell her to stop it and live at home with you forever.

  9. Such a busy and wonderful time in your lives. Congrats on your 25 wonderful years together.... AND Congrats to Lindsey..... Yes---you might want to take a few naps during college orientation. Where did she finally decide to go?


  10. Your dress was beautiful! I do like your present hair style more today than then - - even though it looked good on your wedding day, too. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time flies by.

  11. I love sharing our wedding anniversary with you two love-birds. The main difference is that you two were CHILDREN when you got married, whereas we were -oh- a bit "more mature" (to put it nicely) when we took the plunge! Love that photo, the cake, etc. And HAPPY GRADUATION/congratulations to your lovely Linds!

  12. You still look the same, girl! You are just always beautiful!

    And you're fibbing about the graduation, right?

    There's no way!

    I started reading about this INFANT years ago!

    Hugs and congratulations!

  13. Belated Happy Anniversary!!! And congratulations to the new grad.

  14. OMG! I have the same cake topper!! From 32 years ago!! The coolest is that I have my parent's cake topper from 1946!
    Glad you had an awesome week!

  15. Happy Anniversary!!! Have fun at orientation! (Ha, ha!)

  16. happy anniversary! what a cute couple!! and congrats to miss lindsay!

  17. Hope the orientation went well! Two days long? oh vey!


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