January 10, 2014

Finding wierd things under your pillow is weird….unless you're my child.

Lucky for most of you, you don't have weird Moms Moms who put weird items under your pillow.

I spent a good portion of the weekend before last in the closet.
We are FINALLY going to gut and redo our closet; top to bottom, side to side.

 I was cleaning out bins, cabinets, shelves, boxes…you name it.
I found my Dad's resume from 1970.  I found diaries from 1979. 
I found letters from my Grandma, my Brother and every card that was ever given to me. (Priceless!)
I have my wedding planning-spiral notebook and every shower/wedding card. That is 23 years in the saving people.....and the empty bottle of champs from our honeymoon.
Whatttt….I don't even remember drinking champagne??

I also found the WEIRD. 

What is it with Moms and saving the weird?
I found teeth. 

Yep human teeth. And not just one box….but three+ boxes.

I'm pretty sure one box contained MY teeth….because my weirdness does not fall far from the weird tree. 
I distinctly remember my Mom bringing down a box at Thanksgiving a few years back. 
  See, I came by the weird naturally.

(How can I possibly recycle teeth?)

So, what does a weird mom do? 
She puts them under the pillow of her 18 year old daughter while she is at work.

Along with the teeth…. 
I added a pamplet on how to give a self bre*st exam. 
(you NEED to know!)

The victim 18 year old was none too pleased… Linds didn't find the humor in the 'under the pillow surprise party.'

Me? I thought it was hilarious!!


  1. She should be patient. Maybe the tooth fairy will show.

  2. Cracking up at Lisa's comment!

  3. I kept some of my kid's teeth but whenever I come across them I wonder if I should just throw them away! I guess I'll save them and put them under their pillows when they are 18?!

  4. LOL Okay Funny because my sister got a wrapped gift from her Mother In Law. It was a box of her Husbands baby teeth? So weird that you are not the only one!

  5. i saved my teeth for years and finally got grossed out enough to throw them out.

  6. I'm only now beginning to realize what a boring childhood I had.

  7. Okay Tinkerbell , or what ever the tooth fairies name is lol perhaps you can drill little holes in them and make a necklace like they do with shark teeth ...but still ~ EWW

  8. Never a dull moment at your house... ;-)

  9. We're related. We have to be. I was saying, "Me, too!" after everything you posted here except for the surprise under the pillow part. I have been cleaning out all the paper clutter from cabinets/file cabinets that hadn't been touched in years. I found the little cards from wedding/shower gifts (33 years ago), letters and cards from my grandmother who passed away in 2006 and from Joy who died three years ago. Sometimes I'm glad I'm weird and keep everything. ;)

  10. Amazing what one can find when cleaning out closets... I need to de-clutter almost every room in our house. When GE and I got married, we both got rid of all of the extra stuff --but now, we need to do it again.... GADS!!!!

    I think I have some of my kids' teeth here somewhere.... But where?????? ha


  11. I have saved a lot of the stuff (because one day they might want to write our biography - right?) - - - you mentioned but not the teeth! What is it with "kids" being tired and humor-less after a day at work?!! Yep - - ours don't always share our sense of humor either.

  12. What is weird is that your tracker thingy thinks I am from San Ramon...and yes, I think the teeth under the pillow was hilarious also :)

  13. Oh my stars this is funny! I have all my son's teeth too. He is 23 years old. I wonder what he would do if I left them all under his pillow. LOL!
    Love it!
    xo Catherine

  14. i can just hear her squealing... and now i am picturing her face as she holds them out to you, asking "what the heck?!"! with those beautiful blue eyes. scary.... and hysterical!

  15. Okay, I think this is hilarious. Some sort of reverse tooth fairy. Maybe it's weirdness that we have in common!


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