December 16, 2013

The party that was

Well, I we did it! 
I we pulled off a fabulous party! 
I think we ended up with 28 or so guests. Some arrived just prior to the party time of 7pm. 
(Of course, I ignored the early birds until 7PM) and our last guests left at midnight. 
Fun was had by all. My girls were a great help and Coach pulled more than his weight.
Did I get any pics of the food table? No. Twas too busy.
But there was a lot of seafood; shrimp, squid salad (not my choice!) crab claws, and some food NOT from the sea too; salads, cuban sammies…Oh, I'm still full!
 I ventured into the kitchen at one point only to find this group drinking cider. I learned later on that cider is moonshine; someone brought it from GA. Seriously? They just ruined apple cider for me. 
I always forget to get a photo of the four of us when we are all dressed and awake. But I did capture the Coach with the girls just before Linds retired for the night. 
 The girls always love when their Dad wears his "Cameron" shirt. 
A few of our guests also commented that he was wearing a "Cameron" shirt. 
Do you know who they are referring to?

Happy Monday my friends!!!


  1. Sounds like the perfect party. And yum on the food! Well, except the squid salad. Squid isn't really my thing.

  2. Congrats on your party success ~ the hostess with the mostest !
    Hmm perhaps it is because I have finished my first cuppa joe this morn yet ...but I am pulling a ?? on the "Cameron shirt" ...I', gonna have to check back for the answer .lol

  3. lol his cameron shirt!! i know who cam is! sounds like a good menu, good friends, good times! here in va, there's always moonshine at a party lol...squid salad....hmmmm, i love calamari but i don't know about squid salad!

  4. Sounds like you guys had a great party. I'm still drooling over all the seafood you guys were serving... Not sure about the Cameron shirt, I'll have to wait until you splain it to us...

  5. we had such fun... of course, anyone who doesn't have fun with you is just darn crazy. or... are we the crazy ones? everything was beautiful, loved visiting with you & your girls, too!!!!

  6. sounds like a good night. no idea on the cameron.

  7. You know it's a hit when the party people show up early!! Congrats on an awesome event and Happy Holidays to you and yours :)

  8. Great group of photos... Looked like a fabulous party... You DONE GOOD!!!!! Now--relax and enjoy Christmas.

    Merry Christmas.

  9. Looks like you had a great party. Moonshine? Really?

  10. I see Dawn with you up there! It looks like a fabulous party. Apple cider = moonshine? That's just weird. ;)

    1. You said cider, not apple cider. Now I'm confused.

  11. Wow...I do not like cider Sam-I-Am....but I might like it at your party!!

  12. This looks like it was a fantastic party and that a good time was had by all. I'm only sorry our invitation got lost in the mail.

  13. What a fun party! Minus the squid salad... I don't even want to know what that looks like... In my imagination it's not pretty... I've had moonshine, but not a cider moonshine, I'm intrigued. (perhaps they needed it to get through the squid salad? ha!) You sure throw a great party!!!!!

  14. Clicked over here from Dawn's blog and of course I had to read a bit. Looks like you had a wonderfully fun party! And your conscience should be clear because of all you've done for the community.

    So your husband has a shirt that Cam from Modern Family would wear, huh? Love that!

  15. Oh gosh, I think Cameron is my favorite tv character ever! That party looked awesome, my invite must've gotten lost in the mail.

  16. I love your dress. You are so gorgeous. I thought it was illegal to be as beautiful as you. I guess I was wrong!
    The girls are adorable. Tell them to stop growing up immediately.

  17. Looks as if it was a HUGE success, and your menu sounds delish!


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