November 15, 2013

Being caged in....and you may now proceed with your freak out.

Linds and I were watching one of those wedding shows this past week. I can't remember exactly which show it was....."I found the Gown" or "Say yes to the dress"? {and no to the ho}

Anyhoo someone was putting on a veil when my child declared: 

When I get married, I'm wearing a birdcage.

Who are you....Lady Gaga?

NO, not a BIRD CAGE. 

A birdcage veil!

Oh, thank goodness...that would work much better for an updo as well as the first kiss. 

I don't know about you guys, but things are just a'hoppin here. 
Busy busy busy. 
I'm thrilled to see another Thanksgiving...did you know it is 2 weeks from yesterday?
IT is. 
So, if you are apt to freak out about may proceed with your freak out now.

And if you want to, wear a birdcage. It'll certainly keeping you from eating/drinking too much. 

Suz and Co.

Internet photos borrowed from here:
lady gaga wacko photo


  1. The Birdcage was a very amusing movie, what, 15-20 years ago? Nathan Lane, Robin Williams? :) And Thanksgiving makes me freak for a different reason: not because of guests, but because I am a retailer and I go from busy to INSANE starting about now :)

    1. Yep Gary, it's your busiest time of the year....and if you didn't make such great pottery, then you'd have a different story to tell.

  2. Too funny ~the veils are quite pretty though ,something I'd go ga ga over .hee
    Yes things have been too busy here lately ,it's cutting in to my blogging time ...
    **standing up now and saying ~ "Hi My name is Willow and I am addicted to blogging".

    1. Certainly blogging time will be cut we'll only be able to read the important ones. :)

  3. Hmm, wearing a birdcage to keep me from eating to much - you may be onto something here... While out grocery shopping yesterday I realized Thanksgiving is right around the corner. That and those fb postings about Christmas being 5 Fridays away kind of make your head spin, where did this year go??

    1. I'm thinking the birdcage might be why Lady Gaga stays so thin!

  4. Yes less than two weeks! And 40 days or so to Christmas!

  5. Gads---you had to mention the holidays!!!! Can't believe that Fall is almost over (where did it go?) --and winter is almost here.... Brrrrrrrr.. (Cold up here this week.)

    Well---now that YOU have SO much FREE time these days (HA HA)--you can travel up here to Tennessee and help us mow/rake/blow these trillions of leaves out of our yard. Okay?????? Thanks!!! I knew you would.


  6. Is Linds trying to tell you something or is she just thinking ahead? I'm definitely not ready for the Holidays. I'm so far behind on work in the yard that it's not funny.

  7. Two weeks from yesterday?!?! Yeesh!!

    We've had such a wacky fall around here, the leaves didn't even change colors on most of our trees. They finally started falling last week, about a day before we got our first snow. Oy! My point is, it doesn't seem like Thanksgiving should be so close, you know?

  8. I'm relieved that your daughter will settle for a birdcage veil instead of the full bird containment system. Whew!

  9. oh that lady gaga is so weird...i like the veil much better than the cage...i need to do my thanksgiving!

  10. Those veils are so lovely. I like them better than the longer ones - or the birdcages.
    LOL @ "say no to the ho!"
    I'm not freaking out - I can['t wait for Thanksgiving, and love cooking the dinner! We'll have a smaller group this year, but it will be fun...How about you? How many are you cooking for? xoxo

  11. I didn't know those were called birdcage veils...but they are pretty. I can't wait for TG just because all of my conferences will be over!

  12. Wish I had thought to wear a bird cage for my elopement wedding 6 years ago. I think they are neat!

  13. I remember my mom wearing a Sunday hat that had that birdcage net. We thought she looked so beautiful in it. They wore those to church a LONG time ago. Brides rarely wear veils anymore. I think they look pretty in them and would love when the dad lifted the veil at the altar. A half veil is a good compromise.
    I might? be starting to have time to comment occasionally again???!!! Even with the holidays around the corner, life is a little more normal.

  14. I am freaking out. Much better after all the house cleaning today--starting the baking tonight. Maybe.

  15. I never knew what those type of veils were called!!

  16. Two weeks. YIKES! Officially freaking out. Way too damn busy.

  17. Bird cages...

    Say yes to the dress!

    I love the way you live!

    And I'm always freakin' out.

    Isn't that the definition of life?



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