October 07, 2013

Where'd he go? Where'd he go?


 Ozzie Boy...Where are you?

OZZie?  Are YOU supposed to be on Mama's couch?

What? Me? On the couch...I'm not on the couch am I? 
How'd that happen? 

Oh brother. Some battles I've just chosen to lose. The couch is one of them. 

This month we celebrate 5 years that we Adopted Ozzie from a boxer rescue group. 

Time flies when you are loved by a sweet boxer boy.

His hobbies include:
smelling Cocoa's butt,
peeing on every inch of our property,
running away from dog toys,
 following my every move OR standing in front of me,
barking at TV doorbells,
and of course sleeping on our leather sectional. 

So yeah, he is pretty much perfect.



  1. Sounds perfect to me! I have also lost the battle of the couch. And the chair. But it was worth it.

  2. Ha ha, he's gotten that whole "pillow transformation" technique down to a science!

  3. Boxers are the best !
    Good for Ozzie that you adopted him.
    Yup sounds perfect to me :))))

  4. Lucky Ozzie. You wouldn't think there would be that many places for a boxer to hide. Very cute.

  5. He's living the good life! :-)

  6. Oh, isn't he cute?!!

    I have friends with similar hobbies/interests, so I think I would like Ozzie.


  7. What a cute dog! And I love that couch!

  8. Stay off Ozzie's couch, Suz! Geesh......

  9. Wow, five years...that's about the time I met you. I love the look of "uh oh" on his face in the sofa photo.
    I would say he has trained you well in only 5 years!!! He is adorable.

  10. What an absolute sweetie pie! Love that you adopted this very special guy and that he gets to sneak onto the couch sometimes. LOL

  11. Ozzie is such a great addition to the family that I think you should give him rights to the couch.

  12. LOL, Ozzie cracks me up. His hobbies had me laughing. He looks like a very good boy, and quite happy.

  13. The barking at TV doorbells happens here too. Gussie doesn't notice anyone who rings that actual doorbell just those TV ones.

  14. What fun! My first dog Max was very much like Ozzie and Marley of movie fame. I didn't know much about dog training then and still don't several dogs later....:)

  15. Hooray for Ozzie and the awesome people who were smart enough to adopt him!!! Good luck with that couch thing. :)

  16. He's a cute guy. I love his nonchalant look of indifference.

  17. You have excellent taste in dogs! Happy anniversary to you & your Ozzie!

  18. Love how he's looking away from you in that one picture: If I can't see her, she can't see me!
    I gave up on my dogs not laying on the couch. I tried when we moved here and got new couches, but as soon as we left the house they were on the couch!
    Ozzie is just beautiful!


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