October 04, 2013

Well, that's annoying

Do you have someone in your life who is a constant talker as well as a constant NON listener?
They talk and talk and talk and talk about their lives, their family, what they ate for breakfast, work issues, blah blah blah. 

ON the rare occasion they realize that they don't ever shut up about themselves and will ask about your life. No sooner do you get 4 words out of your mouth, and NOW they have to 'go' do something. 

Oh, so you could talk for 40 minutes about your nonsense and you can't hang on for 2 minutes when it concerns someone other than yourself?

So yeah, thats annoying.

Honestly, I'm a great listener. I don't really NEED to talk about my stuff.
It's better if I just keep it in until it festers like an untreated wound atomic bomb.

Yep, that is the face of an atomic bomb.

I was just kidding, I'm never annoyed.

Anything you want to get off your chest....
You know, before it explodes and makes a huge screens are expen$ive to replace.  

Oh, and TGIF to  my favorite listening people.



  1. TGIF to you and yours. Busy weekend here - Hannah's first homecoming, volleyball practice and birthday sleepover for Nadia.... Busy, busy, busy...

  2. You are pretty even as an atomic bomb! You guys enjoy the weekend.

  3. Yup I do know several talking/non listeners. Blowhards is the technical term for males. Troutbirder the listener.....

  4. Hee Hee yes know a few of those , usually I am pretty laid back about it ...
    but I am going to practice that bomb face just incase one day I need to explode ~ giggle

  5. HO boy, just let me get THIS off my chest (thanks for listening!) there is some kind of leak behind the shower and we, um, are planning a weekend of er, um, home plumbing projects.....

  6. I'm so glad you got that off your chest! Your atomic is nothing compared to my ballistic! Just say'n.

  7. LOL! (And what a cute dress!!)

    I know people who never listen, only talk. They exhaust me!


  8. I would never get tired of listening to you. I hope you have a great (non-atomic) weekend.

  9. You just described one of our neighbors! It's all about her...her grandchildren...her polymyalgia...her other aches and pains. I try to stay as far away from her as possible.

  10. A constant talker is OK but if he/she is a non listener, then I avoid such people.

  11. I know quite a few talkers/non-listeners. They can be very frustrating to be around!

  12. i had a 'friend' like that. she'd call and talk for hours about her days - every detail of them. then finally say, 'so how are you?' and not really want to know. i stopped taking her calls.

  13. I have a constant talker who does nothing but complain...

  14. Love the new header! And, that adorable picture of you. =)

  15. I like having friends that talk and talk. That way I don't have to say anything; -)

  16. That blue dress is stunning on you - - - really compliments your eyes!
    I am wondering/hoping I can get something posted this next week. Since babysitting the grandson with school back in session for his mom, my free time is about non-existent! However, they are on fall break next week!

  17. I'm a much better listener than talker. I'll deflect away from me as soon as possible when I'm talking!

  18. Funny...I have some non-stop talkers in 2nd head may just explode some day too!

  19. IF only those folks had a blog - they could "download" all of their stories, and then maybe they could listen IRL! I love your stories; those non-listening talkers are missing out - if they only knew. =)

  20. I am not a good listener, in fact, my mind wanders when listening to others talk. A.D.D. or something I think. It's a problem for sure.

  21. Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . Where'd you get the dress?! I like!

  22. I'm sorry. Were you talking here?



    Love your dress!

    And seriously.

    I'm all ears.

    And thighs.

    And rear end.

    And gut.


  23. that face! makes me laugh :) how can you be so beautiful AND so crazy?!
    {remind me to let you talk first next time we eat :) }

  24. Ha! I was just talking with a friend about this very issue the other day. I said that I realize that I am a fairly loud and fairly gabby person. So when someone out talks ME (and in a BIG WAY) that person has a real issue. Blah, blah, blah... makes me totally nuts.


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