October 02, 2013


A few weeks ago The Coach replaced some of our office drawer file hangers for me. This in turn prompted me clean out several of our office drawer/files as well as the surrounding cluttered countertops.
 I'd only asked him to replace these 4 14 times over the last 6 months.
I know, I'm SUCH a nagger, but hey, nagging gets you new drawer file hangers.

After a few hours of cleaning up my office area, I went to work on the crafting and laundry area.

7.5 hours later and my craft/office/laundry room was pristine; you could eat off the floors and counters.
But if I catch you eating off my floors and counters, I'm going to ask what you have against dishes.
Who eats off the floor? Oh, yeah, my dogs and people who don't think anyone is watching.

 7.5 hours of cleaning. Who wants to do anything for 7.5 hours?
I had stopped calling it my craft room and renamed it the CRAP room because everyone's crap ended up there.
I put everyones crap elsewhere....mainly the recycle or donation bin.

I was THRILLED with myself for getting it back into a nice clean room again.

A few days later, Lo and I started working on ONE art project....and she started another.
I'll share photos of the art work'll want to see it even if you don't think you want to see it.

Then I was inspired to work on the 2 years worth of photos/scrapbooking that was piling up.
Of course, then I realized I was missing large quantities of photos that had to be ordered, so I was road blocked from finishing. Again, it was me and shutterfly having a moment or 27.

Today the table is a mess. Jes-usMaryandJoseph!

The moral of this story is: 
Cleaning will only inspire you to make more messes.

See, this IS NOW a learning blog with at least one moral....and I apologize because that was never my intention.



  1. That's one heck of a craft room/office! I love it! And that table is pretty awesome too!

  2. John has been known to eat off the floor (something about a 3 second rule!!) Love your craft/laundry room - you never have to clean it if you don't want to. It's a great space to be creative.

  3. His office and your craft room share space within the same room/walls? Now that would nevah evah work in my house. Great concept though if I had a different husband. LOL

    1. It's our home office. Since I run this place, it's all mine. :)

  4. I am drooling over your craft room now! How I wish I had a room for all my cra(p)ft supplies....

  5. it has been far toooo long since i've played in that room! but i see those baskets..ahem! anyways...i thought it was just me that loved making a mess in a nice clean place! xo

  6. :) i shan't be cleaning, then.

  7. Well you got some good stuff done!

  8. That is an amazing room. I would need that much time to clean my sewing/school room and still wouldn't be finished. Good job.

  9. I quit scrapbooking in 2007. I QUIT - I'm a QUITTER (scrapbook-quitter), I tell you.
    It has saved a lot of messes. I put photos into blog postings - no paper, glue or mess. Something tells me this is not a real substitute, but so far, so good.
    But I still may finish those baby books, someday...

  10. Totally jealous of your baskets! Of course, if I had them they would be filled with crap I don't need. If I have space, I have to fight not to fill it.

  11. I'm so impressed with your super clean rooms! Of course, the craft space looks less impressively clean now. So, I hope the office countertops proved better at resisting the messy look.

  12. Good for you! I love it! I am such an organization nut... I too, get on a kick and then it's like an obsession...

  13. LOOOK at all those cabinets!!!! I have huge cabinet envy. We have no storage. No storage at all. Drives me crazy.

  14. I'm glad I read this today! I have cleaning YS' old bedroom on the list...may have to rethink that now! :)


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