October 09, 2013

From the back door~

 My morning routine usually includes heading out the back door.
On the mornings that I'm not working, it is more leisurely.
Work days, it is more business--to the point. 

The dogs come with me no matter what.
Me:  Lets go check the garden and your kitties. 
{The cats live on the lanai and now belong to the dogs}
Our cat Harley needs medicine each morning for his thyroid and the other two get treats as well. 
Then we water the garden is our special time.

 Harley-inside the pool lanai; Cocoa, Ozzie and I are out. 

Some of you thought my garden umbrellas were funny. (Ok, I did too) But hey, they worked. I cheated mother nature out of a few weeks by planting early. Don't tell the garden police....they are stern about NOT putting your garden in until the 2nd week of October way down here. 

Our first harvest!!! Ok, these plants were in last year, but they keep on producing. Eggplants & peppers oh my. 
Funny about my morning routine, I do this after work as well--aside from giving Harley his meds. 

I'm thinking of putting a cot out there by the garden.....but then again, a watched garden never grows. 
Or something like that. 


  1. I want to live on your lanai! Cute pictures and your veggies are looking delicious!

  2. I guess I should be hiding from the garden police as well. I always plant earlier than I'm supposed to for our area - that's where my "classy" milk jug cloches come in. ;-)

  3. Your umbrella idea really did work. Congrats, Smart One!!!!!

    Sounds like you have a nice routine in the mornings (and afternoons)...But--you are smart not to 'watch' the garden too much..... HA


  4. Congratulations on your early garden. I just hope the garden police don't find out about the umbrellas. Who knows, you might inspire a crime wave by umbrella-shielded gardeners.

  5. That's awesome that they continued to yield for you! What the garden police don't know won't get you in trouble. ;)

  6. I think the garden police would look the other way if you shared some of your bounty with them. I want to live on your lanai!!

  7. The garden police is just a made up thing so you have nothing to worry about. You got an edge on everyone else so they invented the garden police story.

  8. You work? You are wonder woman!

  9. Love the boxer face !!
    Harley and I have something in common .

  10. Moving a cot out to the garden sounds lovely--especially with the beach umbrellas out there!

  11. I do like your whimsical sense of humor. Keep it up! :)

  12. Love it!!!!

  13. Love it!!!!


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