October 22, 2013

What Store Did I Just Walk Into?

A few weeks ago I had to send a very important banking document out of state and I needed to make sure it got there quickly and with confirmation.

I looked online for my closest authorized Fed Ex shipper. I briefly looked at the map I found on their site and realized it was just down the street in a Publix plaza.
 This plaza has been standing as long as we've lived here and it dawned on me that I've used this shipper years ago.
(In general, I use the post office for all mailings)
I hopped in my car, drove to the plaza and strutted my stuff in; happy to have this ordeal done with.
I looked up at the sign over the counter and it said:
The UPS Store.

Me thinking: Huh? I swear this was the Fed Ex location on the website.

{picture me thinking very very hard at this moment and realizing that I didn't look at the address of the Fed Ex location, just the street name}

The young man behind the counter said Hi and asked if he could help me.

And here is where I asked the stupidest question I could have asked:

Can I send something via Fed Ex from here?

As soon as I said it, I could almost read his mind. Surely you could too:

"Girl, can you READ? THIS IS THE UPS store!!!
Of course, he was too polite to state the obvious.
And yes, I sent my very important document via UPS ground. It was after all a matter of convenience at this point....and a bit of humiliation too.

It was one of "those" days.


  1. oh no!!!!!! just like asking how much something is at the dollar store ;) you were very nice to send from there anyway!!!

  2. Thanks for the good laugh! Love that cartoon.

  3. Thank you for the giggles!!! Our older neighbor man who had the stroke has a twin brother in a northern state and I said something stupid like "oh, so that's his birthday too!"

  4. Haha! We have all done it!

  5. HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for the laugh...sorry it had to come at your expense! :) If that kid has a blog, I'm sure he wrote about it!

  6. I would never.



    Do something as silly as that.




    Forget that comment!


    I'm glad you got your important documents off okay, though!

  7. :-) You gave him a story for the break room.

    Like I said to my friend Mary the other day, "Everybody is somebody's weirdo."

    Thanks for the laugh!


  8. Whoops! Well you won't need to go in there for another ten years or so ;-)

  9. Just avoid that store from now on and you're good. They may talk about "that blonde", but they won't have a face to go with the story. ;)

  10. We have a generic mail joint right by the grocery store. I think they do more than one carrier. So that's what I do. I avoid our post office if at all possible. I can even ship something USPS from there so score. ! Love love love the cartoon....makes my little Texas heart giggle! : )

  11. So where IS the FedEx store? Did you find it for next time?


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