September 16, 2013

More conversations about Trailer Parks than necessary.

I'm sure all four of you has been wondering: What is going on with Suz's garden?
 Well, I'll tell you... and thanks for asking. 

We've made an addition. 
And when I say 
"we" I mean I asked and the Coach DID. 
Above is my garden from last year. 
(It was raised last year, before that it was the opposite of raised)
Below, the right side is the old garden, the left side is the new addition. 

Coach took off the wire fencing from the old garden because it was rusting like crazy; we replaced it with some plastic lattice fencing. 
I'm not a fan of plastic, but I think this will keep the bunnies and raccoons out. Hopefully, it will also deter my tomato loving boxers!
The Coach and I had this discussion about the white lattice: 
"Do you think it looks trailer park-ish?
Well, it looks like it could be in a NICE trailer park, you know, the high-end retirement trailer parks....and not the trailer parks of our youth"

Listen. We know our trailer parks. 

So, I was so excited about doubling my garden space and I was only a little excited about it resembling a high end trailer park. I started my seeds and apparently I started them TOO early.
I was EXCITED...what can I say???
My goal was to have plants in the ground come October when it cooled off ever-so-slightly.
Sadly, I had to put some plants in the ground sooner because they were growing out of the baby pots. 

What is a girl to do? 
I put some plants in the ground...and then I fretted over the HOT HOT HOT Florida sun. 
So, I classed up my trailer park garden....
 With what else....trailer park beach umbrellas!
 I know. Genius. 

Happy Monday!


  1. Well, you could sit out there and have drinks with little umbrellas in them so everything would coordinate in the backyard. Just a thought. Good luck with your garden this year! We had so much rain that we were really quite lucky to get any results at all.

  2. Wow, great idea! like it...
    nice post.

  3. Did you watch Miss America last night? Miss South Carolina introduced herself with “I’m from the state where 20 percent of our homes are mobile because that’s how we roll..." What? I so thought that's where you were going with this. I'm on edge...

  4. Whatever it takes to keep harvesting the fresh veggies!!!

  5. I can let you borrow my "vinegar jug cloches" to really class up your garden... Notice I said borrow, since I can't just let high class items like that go for good. ;-)

  6. Hey...if it works! I think it looks very cute and only the slightest bit trailer parky, but in the very best way. : )

  7. You are so clever... Love the umbrella idea!!!!!! You are too smart for your YOUNG age.... Don't you know you don't get smart 'til you are 59??????? ha ha

    Love the 'plastic' fencing.... Hope it works... Raccoons can get through most anything if they are searching for food... Darn those ole things!!!! They have even tried to get into the very thick, heavy container where we keep our birdfeeders at night.. BUT--that one is too much for them (I hope)... ha


  8. YOU are a lunatic. but a really funny one!!! love you!

  9. Love it! And I am a little envious of the fact that you are planting tomatoes in October. Here in N.C. I'm usually lucky to keep my tomatoes through the middle of October but this year because it was so wet and cool, they were done by the end of August. :(

  10. If it's your own back yard, you can trailer trash it as much as you wish. And those umbrellas do come close. :)

  11. Your family is fortunate you go to such a lot of work to have fresh vegetables for them to eat! I wonder how I missed that your dogs like tomatoes. Do you mean they would actually eat them off the plant? Funny! Just a thought about your lattice fencing. If you wanted - - and you don't have to because it looks fine - - - but you could paint it a beige to coordinate with the house. Isn't it the Krylon that is supposed to work? Also, our Sherwin Williams outside paint sticks to about anything, too. We painted the gutters on the house with it.

  12. All you need now is some rusty lawn furniture and maybe some old tires that you are using as flower pots!

  13. You really need a pink flamingo in there.

  14. Once upon a time I lived in a trailer...wasn't much of a park...just 3 single-wides in a ghost town..middle of no where...we didn't even have lattice...but we did have a "wine cellar" under the trailer with homemade choke cherry wine!

    1. A trailer with a wine you are talking!

  15. This cracks me up! I have no success gardening in Florida. I have pots of herbs on the patio but even they have had a hard time with the heat and rain this year. Good thing I can replace them at Publix and no one will ever know.

  16. You give your garden as much TLC as I give our roses, but I have never thought of using beach umbrellas. I have to agree that was pure genius.

  17. 33 degrees outside now, heavy frost, and you talk about PLANTING a veg garden in we live in the same planet? :)

  18. Awww. It's cute.

    And trailer parks are in vogue now.

    I think there's even a TV show about them!

  19. LOVE IT! I don't think trailer parks have umbrellas that nice.

  20. HAHAHAHAHA I love this! And now that we have our "own" house we need to plant. But I could never keep up with you. that and our entire back yard is paved. Perhaps I can get a few tomato plants in some big planters. that's about all the energy I have for this year. And yes it is weird learning to plant in the fall!!

  21. too cute. :) i spent my teenage years living at the edge of a trailer park...


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