August 09, 2013

This one time, we were invited to a party

Last weekend the Coach and I were invited to a 50th birthday party. 
Yeah, the coach knows OLD people. ;0

I don't know why, but people don't throw as many parties as they used to. 
Could it be they are just not inviting us? nahhh.....everyone is just getting lazy, including me; I skipped our annual Christmas cocktail party this past year. 
No, I didn't skip the cocktail part, just throwing the party part. 
Anyhoo, this was a fun event. Annnnddd......they had a photo booth. 

You know that I want my own photo booth now don't you?

Coach's Dad and wife. I heart them both. 

 Would you believe this was before the jello shots?
 Did you know they put alcohol in JELLO SHOTS?

Someone is channeling his inner pimp here. 
Me? I'm Kanye; give me the stage dammit. 
Would you believe I am a jello-ist? I don'
Please don't call Bill Cosby on me. 

But I DO do fun. 

And fun was had. 
I even talked someone into dancing with me. 
Did you know that dancing takes a lot of energy? 
No wonder strippers are so thin.

Hey, it's Friday. Where's the party? 
Spill the jello beans.


  1. i missed you not having your party... i thought you were just not inviting ME!!! i could totally understand as i am so much trouble! looks like that party was FUN! and i bet you start planning a party just to have a photo booth :)

    your stripper comment made me TOTALLY crack up... career change!

  2. Cute photo booth pics! Our jello shots have Geritol in them!

  3. We don't throw many parties, but if we did we would certainly invite you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, even if it is party-less.

  4. Love the photo booth idea. Photo shots to confirm the effects of Jello shots.

  5. OH MY GOSH.... I can't believe you said that "50" is OLD PEOPLE..... Dang--that must make me ANCIENT People.....

    Don't you know that life BEGINS at 50?????? The kids are gone (hopefully) --and you and Coach can do anything in the world that you want to!!!!! Life is GOOD...

    Have a party!!!!!

  6. LOL- Cute photos and fun post. No party here this weekend- we have a seminar to go to and it is all downhill from there. However, there is a Packer pre-season party tonight. xo Diana ps. I don't do Jello either-

  7. Someone knows how to throw a party!! And some know how to take some pretty cool photo booth pics!

  8. Love these pics...and the fact that you said "Do do" - you know, doodoo. You said it; I read it. You make me smile! =)

  9. Jello: I remember in the college dining room tossing cubes of jello in the air and catching them in my mouth.... :)

  10. Oh, that looks like a good time!

  11. Hmmmm - - - so if I take up dancing I can lose my next 10 pounds?!! But - - - can my knee handle all that? Looks like you had fun being with your sweetheart!

  12. I need to become a stripper so I can be thin. Darn it.

  13. I'm a semi-jello-ist. I only do jello when it has alcohol in it! :)


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