August 14, 2013

Me talk pretty

There are a few words that I continually mix up; I get tongue tied....and not in a good way. 

It reminds me of my childhood; Me talking and people laughing at me. Ok, maybe they only laughed a few times.
For the life of me, I could not say the word certificate until I was 16.

Birth certificate. Gift certificate. 
The words came out a jumbled mess.
Fer-cificate. Ter-ficatate. ?? What the hey?

And then there was the time I could not find the word PLAID in my I said to my family: 
You know, stripes going this way and stripes going that way
(I used my hands to help these helpless people understand me)

As I get older the challenging words have changed.   
You know that popular brand of sportswear that keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold?

Yeah, ArmorAll.

Not to be confused with the stuff I clean my car with.
Under Armor.

See. That makes perfect sense. TO ME.

The other day one of the kids said something about an apprentice. 
Me: You mean like the wizard ones at Warthogs? 

I was laughed at. Again. 
Just so you know, these critters are not Hogwarts....dems are warthogs. 

Several times a day I can't find the word I'm looking for...but in my head I can see a few letters of the mystery word? 

Does that make sense?

Me: {with my eyes in the directions of the heavens for guidance} Ummm....Oh, I can't think of what the word is, but I see a C and an N and a Y in there.

Yeah, I'm the Southwest Florida medium; line forms to the right can pay me in nail polish and wine. 

BTW: The word was canyon.

Am I alone on this? 
If this, combined with walking into a room and completely forgetting why I'm there means I have early dementia....then I'm in deep do-doo. 


  1. I hate when I do that! I remember when I couldn't remember the word Superbowl. I was all, "that really big football game in the winter?"

  2. You are clearly related to my sister-in-law. We have great fun at her expense :)

  3. Buzy Bee...Thanks for visiting... when my granddaughter Emma comes over, I always ask her if she wants to watch phenias and ferbias....she corrects me. LOL It's something like that..I love to watch Jeopardy..but know Alex would call me out with my way of pronouncing things.xoxo,Susie

  4. you made me laugh. :) and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment today - glad you got your words out so i could read it - just kidding!!! :)

  5. I'm just happy I'm not alone!!!

  6. Uh oh.

    I have this rare disease myself.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  7. I totally understand this. I'm not sure exactly when my brain became total mush but it was, I don't remember exactly.

  8. I've always had a pretty easy time pronouncing words, but remembering things...that's another story. Hmm, what did I come in here for? *snap* {turns around and starts over like I'm rebooting my brain or something. Hey..sometimes it works!}

  9. All I can say is that you have a lot of company. Perhaps that's why we love you so much.

  10. Well---if that's dementia, then I've got it too.. I have trouble with simple words --and still don't know when to use "affect" OR "effect"..... Then a normal word escapes me when I'm blogging and trying to say something.... GADS... What is it???? Hope it's not dementia... Huh??????

    When you mentioned a word with C and N and Y---guess what I thought of?????? CANDY.... (To me, it's always about food. ha ha)

  11. Maybe we should for a support group. I'll bring the wine if you bring the nail polish...

  12. Nope, not dementia at all. The fact that it reminds you of your childhood says it all. It's just Suz being Suz.

  13. Well, you asked! You remember I used to work in a hospital-lol You are not alone at all. Auditory dyslexia is a disorder when people mix up their words when talking. You suffer from this because you have difficulty remembering what exact sound letters make. It is quite common and not a concern at all. Several years ago there was a comedian whose whole act was made up of jokes about himself.

    As far as dementia? As long as you REMEMBER that you CAN'T remember something you are okay. When you DON'T know that you DON'T know you are in trouble. lol What did I just say?;>)

    Suz- Did you know that you are a NoReply when you leave a comment on my blog? So many times I would like to respond to you but can't because of the NoReply thing.

    Hope you have a great day- xo Diana

  14. You are not alone... I have stumbled through this since I learned to speak. A few months ago I began a migraine preventative medication that has only made it worse. It's humbling, to say the least... :)

  15. NanaDiana,
    I loathe NON reply emails/comments....I didn't know I was one of the offenders. :0
    How do I fix that???

  16. All I can say is that you and I would get along.... what is that word??? Oh yeah. SWIMMINGLY.

    WTF does that mean, anyway? I don't want to swim. It'll mess up my hair and makeup.

  17. LOL Cute blondes are supposed to have their own language. It's part of who we are :)

  18. You are funny - - - and normal - - and related to Siri - - who takes our dictation on our Smartphones. She really comes up with some doozies.
    About the room think and forgetting - - - I read about that someplace - - maybe Prevention Magazine - - don't remember. LOL. Anyway - - - what happens is when you pass through a doorway, it is like you have passed a boundary for the room. Anything that happened or you thought of in that room - - stays in that room when you leave it. That is why when you go back in to remember what it was you wanted in another room, you are able to remember it. It is not that your thought literally stays in the first room but rather your brain put it in that room's category file to be retrieved when you return. I may not have explained that well but perhaps it was a bit clearer than mud. It gave me some comfort because I do the same thing.

  19. either you are always on your game with me, or we are both off to the funny farm... because I have never noticed this about you! or maybe I have just never worn plaid around you? as far as the c-n-y you know I guessed candy...


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