July 24, 2013

Miracle on 31st Street

A few weeks ago I noticed three chrysalis....two attached to our pool screen and one attached to the stucco wall of our house. 
 You can only imagine my excitement. 
Go on. 
Imagine away. 
Then, I noticed that the one on the stucco wall was empty. 
I had on my hands an early bird eager butterfly.  

The next day I found this little miracle. 
 You can see some of the ooze leaking out. Wait, is that placenta? 
I'm sure someone wants to eat that....
what? It's all the rage now. 
Placenta soup. Placenta Sammies. Placenta tea. Placenta patties. 
 LoLo and I were so excited to see this little guy/girl butterfly. Why should I make it gender specific? I'll let him/her choose himself/herself one day later. 

I am the most politically correct person you know when it comes to butterflies. 
 I must have went out and checked on he/she 6 times over a 3 hour period. 

Good thing I was off work this day...I can imagine calling in: 
"Uh, well, I can't come to work today because a butterfly was BORN in the vicinity of me"....
I kept checking the remaining chrysalis asking if it was READY yet?
No answer.

Then a day later, it was empty.

I suppose some butterflies like to be born in private. 
What does he/she/it think he/she/it is? 


Ok, maybe they are. 

Wishing you all a miraculous Wednesday. 
What's for lunch? I hope it doesn't start with a P....


  1. I have to confess: I didn't know about the whole eating placenta until I happened to watch Tia & Tamara one day. There, I said it. Guilty. It was just one day, I swear.
    By the totally grossed me out.

  2. Not sure I'll be able to eat anything today after reading this... ;-)

  3. I'm having p-p-p-p-p-PANCAKES for breakfast in honor of you! Healthy ones of course. :) How cool that you got to see this and capture it for us. :)

  4. It's beautiful! You know how I love butterflies.

  5. I'm totally using that excuse to lay out of work today. :)

  6. LOL the best title :)
    and such a pretty butterfly! if you have more you need to camp out and give NO privacy!

  7. Lovely photographs. Eating the placenta? Isn't that akin to eating your own young?

  8. What a miracle! Butterflies are a magical reminder of life, death, re-birth, new life and HOPE. Thanks for sharing this miracle with us!

  9. BEAUTIFUL! I love watching butterflies. So glad you got to enjoy yours :)

  10. How exciting! That is my favorite part about kindergarten...hatching butterflies and silkworms.

    Love your photos!

  11. OH how exciting.... You had a BABY at your house!!!!! AND --what a pretty,colorful one... I know how happy you were!!!!!! Ain't life grand????


  12. How fun to have baby butterflies. They're at least as royal as George Alexander whomever. I'll skip the placenta, though. It's not blue blood enough for me.

  13. And to think that I thought the big birth of the week took place in London. How wrong I was! Thank you for sharing your happy news with us.

  14. Love it! When do you start your job for National Geographic? :)

  15. Ooooh! Nifty! The butterfly...not the placenta stuff. That's icky.

  16. At least one of your butterflies was considerate enough to stick around and let you get its picture. The others probably thought you were the paparazzi and didn't want to end up on the front of the Enquirer with their placentas hanging out.....


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