June 24, 2013

The one where everyone gets married

Who knew June 22nd was such a popular wedding day?

Linds and I drove an hour and 40 minutes to witness my Uncle getting married. We were only able to stay for an hour since we were committed to another wedding first. It was great visiting with my cousins and seeing my Uncle so happy. He's been a bachelor since his early twenties....and his bride was a school mate of his in middle school!

My cousins and I. 
Horrid angle, must I tutor everyone on camera use?

My Uncle and his bride; they were married in my Grandma's church. 
I'm so happy that he is happy....and that he has someone to take care of him. You know, some men just need that. 

Then the big ol' redneck wedding. Ok, it wasn't really redneck; it was quite nice.

Lots of mason jars
 Lolo and the bride got a lot of ideas from Pinterest. I didn't take pictures of the table set ups...but it was all really cute. 
 Yep, the bride wore boots. 
 A man in uniform is always a nice sight.
My sunflowers were not ready yet. They ordered some online and added in cuttings of flowers/plants from my yard the morning of. 
 Here she comes
 And now for the important people...HA HA!!

 I need to be adored. Daily.
 I am surrounded by silly people. 
 Lolo rocked as Maid of Honor. Her dress is navy blue and too cute. She had on yellow wedges during the ceremony and the boys had on pants and dress shirts. 
It was 94* and the a/c took a dive at the house where the festivities took place. 
Thank the good lord for deodorant. 

The coach and a good friend of ours cooked all day long.
(I'll spare you the photo of the 'whole pig' on the granite countertop for consumption)

There was gator tail, chicken, pork, 'taters, salads, greens (turnip & collard)
Lets just say there was a MESS of food.  

Come Sunday morning, we were all dead tired. 
Too much fun will do that to you!

How was your weekend? 



  1. You're so right. Some people/men really do need someone to take care of them in life and that's okay and sweet and cute. Glad he found the perfect lady.

    But, ooooh, that heat. ack. It can be such an evil thing at an outdoor wedding. Glad you had fun!

  2. What a beautiful wedding! The sunflowers are a nice touch. Whew, busy weekend for you!

  3. What a fun day of weddings! I just love Mason jars...that is my standard drinking glass here- filled with ice water with a splash of lemonade and tea...and topped with a straw.
    Happy Monday after :)

  4. Oh- Looks like you had TWO fun celebrations this weekend. Love that your Uncle found love at this stage in his life. Really cute family pictures, too- xo Diana

  5. You had such a busy weekend!! Happy Wedding day to all :) Now onto the super important stuff. I lurve your dress and your babies are as gorgeous as ever!

  6. All of you look adorable! Happy wishes to all the newlyweds.

  7. Look at those curves in that first picture, girl! :D
    What a busy weekend!!!

  8. 94! Gator tail! Oh wait, it was 94 plus here in Ny too :) No gator tail though...hey, what I always like about ya'lls is that you are all just simply FRIENDLY. Your family and friends are just so friendly and nice, thank YOU for sharing!

  9. We had a great weekend celebrating our anniversary. Our wedding wasn't as fancy as the one you attended -- no gator tail -- but it was nice. Those are great pictures of you and the girls.

  10. Your uncle's wedding was so sweet!
    The "redneck" wedding was awesome I bet. Love me some pig and gator tail! Whoop! Whoop!

  11. What a busy day, full of happiness, love and celebrations - perfect! Well done. You all looked fabulous, darling - and you deserve to be adored!

  12. You are great people - - when you commit to something, you don't do it halfway but put all your energies into it! That is to be commended! But after that project is over, you are definitely ready to relax and re-energize!

  13. Congrats all around!! And I really would like to see the whole pig pic ;)

  14. i had forgotten you were buzzing across the state for wedding #1! glad you made it there and back safely!!! cute pix from the wedding!!!!

  15. Awwww...I had a great weekend but nothing as nearly as wonderful as yours!

    You are all so gorgeous!

  16. Wow! Wedding madness. You look fabulous of course!

  17. Of course everyone wants you at their wedding-you bring the party!

    The menu seems to be missing salmon--that must have been a disappointment for you :)

    Everyone looks fab as usual--love your black/cream dress; very flattering.

  18. Lo is a beautiful bridesmaid. I am glad your Uncle got married. I think all men need someone to love and cherish them. It just helps : ).


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