April 19, 2013

The outtakes and what really makes me laugh

So, it has been a week. A lot of sadness......always with the sadness. I wish the bad stuff would end. Actually, I wish the bad stuff had ended long before I could remember bad stuff.
Wishes won't wash dishes, or make bad stuff go away. I pray, focus on the good and love my people.

Outtakes from Prom.
Since I never went to prom....and since I can never stop talking about how I never went to prom....yeah, even I'm sick of it now. The flower thing always gets away from us. I've forgotten the boutonniere thingymagigery every year until the day of. My girls? They've forgotten them too. Last minute lucy who? We remembered about 5 hours before this year. (GO us)
 Linds: when do I know it is stuck properly? Me: When you see blood. 

You may have assumed that since I'm all 'gangsta like', that Linds would follow in my gangsta footsteps. Your assumptions would be correct. 
 That girl is hard core. Don't mess with her shank Iphone. 

Ok, lets get to the Ozzie photo bombs. This is what he is famous for. 
 Ozzie: What? What? someone is taking a photo? Where should I stand? Where? where? 
In Mama's leg area?

 Right here? Is this where you want me to stand? 

 Oh, since I have to stand here....might as well kill two birds with one stream of pee. 

If you really want to know how immature and silly I am, watch this video. (you might have seen it recently?)
I laughed all 24 times that I watched it.
I can't decide if the whale, the rhino or the groundhog are the funniest.
If you laughed, then you are part of the silly club. Welcome! Tell, me what made you laugh the hardest?
Sharing is caring....I'm hoping that all of you have something to smile about today.


  1. Okay, I'm a member of the Silly Club. But I must admit that I laughed hardest at the pictures of Ozzie getting in on the action.

  2. The out-takes are definitely the funniest. Gotta love that photobombing dog!

  3. The lizard and Tyranosaurus were the funniest, I thought.
    Those photos wouldn't be the same without Ozzie. Who wants serious pics, after all?

  4. I have mentioned to my boys once or twice that I didn't go to prom, either!
    The pictures are perfect with ozzie in there!

  5. Your dog photo bombs the pics, ours tucks tail and runs away when she sees the camera.
    Nadia showed me that clip the other day and we all just about keeled over laughing. :-)

  6. OHMYGOSH your DOG!!!!!!!!!!!! How utterly hilarious, doggy photobombs!!!!!!!!!!!! THOSE will be the pictures you all tresure and laugh yourself into tears 20 years from now :)

  7. Ozzie!!! You are so rude!!!!!!

  8. The funny thing I liked about the video is how the guy on the left just kept quietly eating his food. Do you think they had to re-shoot a couple of times because he laughed? He had to have laughed.
    I think you should have had a video of your dog and put it on U-Tube!

  9. HA HA HA---I think that Ozzie stole the show... Loved the "peeing" photo.... PERFECT.

    Yes, the news has been rough this week... Very sad..

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  10. This joke from Pita made me laugh.

    Why did the chicken cross the playground?
    To get to the other slide. :)

  11. How does the other guy just go on eating without losing it completely? And I love the sippy cups...perfect.

    Your Ozzie just cracks me up. Peeing during prom photos? That's got to be a first - and you saw it here, at Suz's place! Thanks for the smiles!

  12. Your dog cracks me up. Such a different experience from a cat that never wants to be around when anything remotely exciting is going on. Photobomb dog extraordinaire! And's not very often you get a pic of your dog pee'ing..not that you ever wanted one in the first place. Loved the video. Brave man to wear a pink body suit. LOL

  13. what made me laugh the mostest is you reminding me that sharing is caring! that text you sent to christine made us LAUGH as we were prom stalking/gawking! thanks for the fun... always. and for crying out loud, can THIS be chipotle week?!?!?!

  14. Ozzie!

    I love that video too. I don't know how they got through it without cracking up. I was completely on the floor at the kangaroo.

    May I just say how lovely your daughter looks. I'm SO over seeing prom pictures where the girls look like they should be out on the Vegas strip. I'm not an old fuddy duddy most of the time, but really? (I'll email you a picture...I'm starting a collection.) Linds looks fabulous!

  15. You need to go to prom!

    You could totally pass for a senior!

    And, no...not a senior...geez.

    Love all the photo's!

    You all look amazing!

  16. Oh good grief, I'm in the Silly Club! Thanks for the giggle. The T Rex got me first and then I was a goner. Can't wait to show my girls! Who thinks of this stuff!

    Oh and even your out take pictures are adorable :)

  17. Your daughter looks so beau-ti-ful! Did she have fun?

  18. Are you wearing a short black mini dress when you send her off to the prom? Because I LOVE IT!
    I also love the gangster sign.
    All of my kids in Philly throw up a gangsta sign every time I take a picture. I adore that.


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