April 15, 2013

The one where it's all about her. {Again} And the gang she hangs with.

Prom. Again. Every time I turn around someone needs a dress for a big event....and it ain't me.
I've written before about buying prom dresses for Lolo and Linds....and the fact that we purchase multiples, vote on a winner and return the others.
Last year for Linds, I think we purchased three before the winner made it's appearance. This year, my karma must have been looking out for me....we shopped early and were lucky to find a dress on clearance from last season. If you've ever gone to or helped someone go to prom, you know that is a bonus. The dress was drastically reduced AND NO ONE WOULD HAVE THE SAME DRESS.
Sorry to scream in your face, I get like that sometimes.

Anyhoo's....the crazy kids wanted to do a black and red theme. He is a senior, so Linds kinda let him have some input. 
She is gracious like not so much.
 I think they look awesome....classic. You know, like modern day gangsters. And by gangsters, I'm talking about kids in the band. Marching Gang band. Band Marching Gang. 
 It was not easy getting them all outside for photos....I think we hit 90*. and the humidity was at a mild 88%. I was sweating...and I wasn't wearing a tux.

Linds cleans up well....unless we are talking about her room or the inside of her car. 
 Sadly, this shot was not my idea....because it was super duper clever.
Dang band gangs and their cleverness. 
 You should NEVER EVER take photos outside without proper shading. Spotted shading is not good.  I tried to explain this to everyone around me.....people should always listen to me. Right?
 The sugar daddy Coach hooked the kids up with a limo. Who is the spoiler in this house?
 Lolo was working all day, but flew home to see them off.....
As they pulled off in the limo, Lolo said: "I feel sooooooo old." True 'dat yo. 
They were home by midnight and everyone had a blast! You can't ask for more than that.

In a few days, I'll share a few of my outtakes. 
One involves peeing in the front yard.


  1. I've been looking forward to these photos. Linds and her date look awesome. Love the red; especially the red shoes! Mama was wearing her red high heels when she met daddy!

    The group shot is marvelous - so happy they had a great time.

  2. Yep.. makes me feel really old too. But, whatcha gonna do. Time marches on and it's their time to shine. The kids all look great. What a nice looking bunch!

  3. Suz, your girls are gorgeous!!! I love the dress she picked and her hair looks so pretty!

  4. Gorgeous dress, especially at a discount. What a clean-cut group of teens. Treasure these days, Suz.

  5. Hi Cutie, I saw some of these wonderful photos on FB... Love them.. They are ALL such gorgeous young people... Just think though... Your days of proms and high school stuff will be OVER in a year or two.... Can you believe it? Our kids do grow up so fast.

  6. I'm tellin' you: band kids are the BEST!
    They all look so pretty...even the guys!

  7. ahhh!!! more pictures!!!! i needed them :) they look great!!! i hope she told you that we saw her laughing at us prom stalkers :) now that you have your own band gang, it might be time to drink the koolaid :)

  8. Gorgeous! And I love the color coordination too. Very nice! : ) Can't wait to see your outtakes. Sounds "interesting". Fun fun fun!

  9. You have gorgeous girls. I love the color theme, too!

  10. Oh my! Tears in my eyes. So stunning and such sweetness all rolled into one. Prom! Love :)
    Congrats Mama, you have two gorgeous girls.

  11. I can't believe it's that prom time of year again and stop that child from following in her sister's shoes and growing up. It's not right.

  12. Linds looks beautiful -- it's easy to see she takes after her mother. It looks as if the prom was a great success. Your photos are wonderful -- I look forward to seeing more.

  13. Fun photos...great dress!!
    Looks like they had a blast :)

  14. I LOVE Linds' hairstyle - - - especially in the first photograph! Her dress is beautiful - - very elegant. You did a great job with the pictures and I am thankful you got them on the blog so quickly. It is wonderful to have such happy times to celebrate with family and friends.

  15. Our prom was pizza in the gym and beers in the parking lot. Times have CHANGED! Well, they have been changed for awhile :) I love the, how do you put it, peacock fan or hand of cards pic of all them, delightful!

  16. She is so darling, Suz!!! You can just tell that her personality lights up a room. She & her boyfriend look GORGEOUS. And I hear you on the PROM AGAIN thing! OMG, just fitted Chad for yet another tux. Every homecoming, every prom... sigh. And now that he's graduating, Erin is starting high school in the fall. What is wrong with these children?! ;-)

  17. A-dorbs! They all look so nice, so wholesome...I have been horrified by the skin-tight mini-dresses that I see girls wearing to proms (not to mention the low-cut, push-up trend). These girls look like young LADIES, yet fun and smart, too. And their gentlemen look great! Hooray!

  18. I just this second read this as I was linking your blog. Gorgeous! And you are always right and everybody SHOULD listen to you.

  19. 90 degrees?
    Stop the truck.
    She looks beautiful.


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