January 04, 2013

And that is how I stopped the complaining.

The world is full of complainers. I mean, no matter what, whiners will find something to whine about. Mostly those people are politicians. Or actors.

Ok, I'm not discussing THOSE people today.
Today, I will discus the two complainers in my house.

Years ago, when they were just becoming teens I would hear this: "My toes are weird." Or "I have man feet".  "Mom, Mom, look at my big toes, they are wacky looking." "Who gave me these feeeettt?"
Finally, I could not take it anymore and I had their feet amputated.

Ok, that would be a little drastic, so I did what any normal Mom would do. I told them that if they didn't stop complaining about their feet that God would come down and take them away from them.

Yes, you are right, I am the best Mother on the planet. 

Feet complaining came to a halt.

Then a year or so ago we moved upwards to the face.  "My lips are so thin." "Look, look, I have NO lips" "Mom who gave me the thin lips?"

Does anyone else notice that hardly a woman on TV/movies has normal lips anymore? I blame hollywood for most bad stuff, so this just upped my case. 

If anyone should be complaining about their lips, it's Cocoa. 

We had our family portraits done this fall and they came out lovely. No retouching needed. But of course, what did they both say? "My lips are SO thin!"
And me, who can not  photoshop to save her life figured out how to show them the hollywood versions of themselves. 
 Miraculously, the complaining has stopped. I didn't even have to ask God to assist with this one. 

Happy weekend everyone. I wish for you to have laughter, love and non-inflated lips. 


  1. John is asleep and I am trying so hard not to laugh out loud!!!!! You are so funny!

  2. Ha! What a beautiful (minus the lips) family photo!

  3. Good grief..your girls are beautiful just the way God made them! : ) If they are really bothered my their lips, have them look real close at the Marie Osmond commercials..that upper lip of hers is plump and FROZEN. Totally weird!

  4. You are hilarious!
    The next time they start complaining just ask them who peed in their wheaties.

    Happy Weekend.

  5. You crack me up... :-) I'm going to have to show this to a certain someone in our house - she complains about her feet, too. Lets hope lips won't be next...

  6. Well---as gorgeous as your family ALL is, none of you should ever be complaining about anything when it comes to what you look like. You are all beautiful people.. God has blessed you ALL.

    I whine about my weight --but right now, I have no complaints. I managed to make it through all of the holidays without GAINING weight... That is a HUGE achievement for me... YEAH RAH....

    Have a great weekend.

  7. You are a great example for us all.
    You could also show the girls an old rerun of "Friends," and then the commercials for "Cougar Town" (not the show, the ads), so they can see the difference in dear, adorable Courtney Cox. We are still trying to figure out what she did to her mouth. I would rather endure the natural aging process.

  8. Thanks for the laugh. And have a great weekend yourself!

  9. oh you.
    i can hear the snickering from here... which, i'm sure, turned in all out laughter!!! wondering if peggy will let you photoshop anymore... hmmm...

  10. You are definitely the wisest mother on the planet. I have a feeling you can stop just about any type of complaint with Photoshop.

  11. I think Cocoa has fabulous lips... most boxers do, don't they. LOL

    Oh, and Hubby and I sit and laugh at the lips on the girls on TV shows constantly. What mutilation they are doing to their faces.. ugh. They all look like Donald Duck. So sad.

  12. Ha, ha, ha!!! Luckily I don't have to hear the should've had boys. ;)

  13. Now that's funny. Too bad you never photoshopped their feet!

  14. I think I just wet myself! bwahahaha!


    hello gorgeous xxx

  15. too funny! I love the photo minus the lips from hollywood.

  16. When my girls were younger and would fuss about a decision I had made, I told them if to be thankful they had me for a mother instead of . . . . (fill in the blank with someone's mom they really didn't like)! Your solution is tooo funny. A picture is worth a thousand words! And I agree about Hollywood's image - - why are those poor women doing those things to their bodies?

  17. You are the best mom EVER! Love it!
    Just in case you wonder--boys are just as bad! They all want a "six pack". So I got 'em six Cokes. That's apparently NOT what they meant.....

  18. Ahahahaha! I was just thinking the other day, that no one on TV had normal lips anymore. It just looks weird! But your girls are beautiful no matter what :) Sierra . . . she's already starting to complain :/

  19. Bwhaha Hollywood version or not, this is a fabulous picture!

    Oh and remind you to thank you in about 4 years, when I totally do this with my girls!

  20. Funny, but I hate my thin lips too!


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