December 07, 2012

The one where I lighten up and ditch the {Christmas} crabs.

I've been known to be a crab at Christmas. All the pressure....the 'timeline'. 

On one hand I LOVE Christmas. I love the 'meaning' of Christmas.....the celebration.
On the other hand, I LOATHE Christmas. The stress, the pressure. 
A few years back, I put my foot down and took away most of the stress by stopping gift exchanging  among the adults. 
Seriously, that was the best.thing.ever.
Of course, the Coach has cheated on this deal. He is on my naughty list.

So, I'm less crabby about that part. But I do feel like Christmas decorating shuffles my life so much because I am such an 'orderly' person. I like routine. And Christmas decorating is not part of my routine. 
That might sound really weird to most people....and if I really wanted to analyze myself {which is my favorite sport} I would think it goes back to my childhood. Divorced parents, Mom worked a lot of hours, alcoholic/bi-polar father, going from one house to another? no routine?? 
I could totally be a shrink. 

One of my favorite childhood photos. 
Me and my poor doll at my Dad's trailer. Note the bottle of Whisky behind me and a large knife. I'm pretty sure I used that knife to cut my bangs.
My bangs just grew out last year. 

So, yeah, I embrace routine and order. It comforts me. 
Ok, now that we've ventured deep into Suz's psyche....let's talk about how much I've let stuff go.

I used to have the tree in our living room decorated 'formally'. 
Gold/silver/balls & pretties; lots of foo-foo stuff.

In the family room we have a little funky tree and we put all the home made ornaments, along with some silly/tacky things. It was too cute for words. 

Lindsay put her foot down this year. She didn't want the trees like we've done them in the past. {apparently my need for routine and order has not been gifted to my girls....who if we analyzed, grew up with order and routine!} 
All this shrinking is hurting my head.

 Lolo couldn't care either way. So what does that mean?
So, I let them have at it.
Everything on the big tree...except balls. 
I'm so far gone, I've allowed a GLEE ornament into the living room. 
*me laughing hysterically*
BTW: Much to my children's chagrin, the photo/school ornaments will always be my favorite. 

Oh, wait, who are these people, because they appear to be quite normal.

The funky tree is now a 'ball only' tree.
Makes sense right? Ok, no it doesn't, but I don't even care.  
And see the top there where it is totally crooked.
I'm not even going to fix it. 

I think they did a bang up job. 

Guess what.
I'm looking forward to Christmas.

Do you really think I can make it to Christmas without fixing the Tree top?
*crossing fingers*


  1. I just finished decorating my tree last night. It's sort of an old school tree (not designer froo froo) like my family always had minus the kid's ornaments since I don't have kids. Went to bed feeling pretty good about myself. Woke up at 3:30 AM to find Henry the Naughty Orange Cat UN-decorating the tree one ornament at a time. So far nothing has broken but it's only day 1...

  2. I strongly suspect you have already fixed the tree top. Yesterday I decided I must move an ornament. It was one of my favorites...a very large Waterford. Just at the moment I thought I should move over the carpet, I dropped it on the hardwood floor and it shattered to pieces! I hope you were more careful fixing the tree top.

  3. I love this post - do what works! And let the girls into the process - it's fun to see their take on it, and no point in feeling stressed and burdened doing it all.
    I just asked Gregg to help with the cards this year. By "help," I mean sign them, as I've ordered, picked up, addressed, stamped, return-addressed and put the "news" in them. He looked really shocked. HA! And we haven't even started the decorating...

  4. I put my foot down when we moved....I left all the ornaments for the family that bought the house. We have Christmas in our heart but we no longer decorate or exchange gifts.

    Love your girls' sweet ornaments. Had to laugh about your bangs just now growing out from childhood too!!!

  5. The days when we had a "formal" tree ended when the girls were born. For years we used "unbreakable" ornaments only, now we're "back to balls" ;-), handmade ornaments, wooden ornaments... whatever we like.
    Have you fixed the top yet??? :-)

  6. i love the new looks! that linds is pushy, huh?! so... i've been analyzing the tree top. i think if you forget you aren't going to fix it you will walk by and fix it. i think if you keep saying no! i can't fix it! you won't fix it because you like to be right. and i think if coach reads this he might just fix it for you to get off the naughty list!

  7. Love the pic of you as a kid..adorable. And I think we both had the same 'do'. Love the trees. Glad you are (able to) let your hair down (even your bangs) and just enjoy your girls and your trees and let go of the foo foo and just embrace what is. That is just the best!

  8. Oh Sue, I am not certain I was supposed to laugh as much as I did, But I so did. Thanks for sharing and could pass along a little of the crab diminisher because I could use some.

  9. We always let the littles decorate our tree, so no froufy here ;) I love your tree! And I'm thinking that your no gifts for adults rule is GENIUS!

  10. I am over the stress of Christmas - - - ordered most of our gifts online. Don't have time for it all with retirement in two weeks. A couple of years ago I dispensed with the Christmas letter. Now it gets written and mailed sometime in January!
    I really like your trees and love your family portrait. It is a gorgeous pic of you all.
    My dad was an alcoholic but he never lived in a place long enough for us to visit him. He was pretty much out of our lives when I was 13 - - - except when we became adults and he called us when he was broke and needing a place to stay. Really sad. Sadder was when we realized his dad had abused him and his brothers - - - verbally and with beatings. All of them became alcoholics. Super sad.
    On the flip side - - - we turned out normal, didn't we?

  11. You and I are twinsies in soooo many ways.

  12. Whatever you do, I LOVE it... You know me: I LOVE Christmas and all of its memories... I don't mind decorating for Christmas since it is a part of my routine for the week after Thanksgiving. I do a little at a time --so it doesn't seem like a task...

    Your trees are gorgeous--and I LOVE that huge picture of your family on the wall. Awesome.


  13. One thing you explain well, a messy childhood can lead to an adult who likes routine and order, and I might add, a need for planning in my case. I have to admit, we have never had kids to decorate for and our Christmas decorations have always been quite minimal. NOT THIS YEAR for some reason. Each day my wife and I make some more something for the house, paper hearts for the doors and now we have started covering the walls with paper chains....the cat thinks it is great fun, as you will see that I have blogged. People need to keep in mind, I guess, that holidays are meant to be fun not a hassle. The wife and I got married on Christmas...our 20th anniversary is this year :)

  14. I'd gladly let the girls do our Christmas decorating any time -- they did a great job. I like that picture of you holding your doll. Please let us know how long you hold out before fixing the tree top.

  15. Oh go fix it, you'll feel better! Then you don't have to worry about not touching it.

  16. You can't make it - don't even try! Fix that tree topper now :>)

  17. In all honesty, sometimes it really does feel like Christmas has become too much. Too much baking to do, too much shopping, wrapping, cleaning, cooking the list could go on and on so I GET it!

    I love that you have put your foot down. (and not just because I am trying so hard to do the same)
    PS Not only do I love your bangs, but adore your wee outfit!

  18. I put the lights on our tree and let the kids have at it. Dave put all his ornaments on 1 branch at the very bottom of the tree.
    Love the pic of you and your dolly--such a cutie pie!

  19. 'Ball only' made me LOL :P

  20. Suz, we haven't put a tree up yet. We always get a real one. When we were first married we went and cut it down. Then we started just buying a pre cut one at our favorite farm and now...NOTHING! I just don't know what to do. I have no spare time. The picture taking and editing is insane at this time of year. I feel guilty if I do anything BUT edit and order pictures...and I feel like I am missing out on my own baby because I am taking pictures of other peoples loves : (. This has been a hard year. I want a better one. Can you send me one? OK Thanks. P.S. I always thought your bangs were beautiful! ; )

  21. Ha, I'll bet you've already fixed the tree top!
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family. I have no doubt that you love Christmas every year, with or without order.


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