November 02, 2012

The one where Suz feels {kinda/sorta} behind.

Have you seen the pink pumpkins?
Linds and I thought they were more peach than pink, but that didn't stop her from talking me into purchasing one. She sold me on the idea that she would actually carve it, or perhaps 'glitter' it up. 
I knew deep down inside that she would do neither, but I was still duped into forking over $$.
Sucker Suz.
 I'm not really complaining. Pinkie promise.
Someone has to stimulate this economy. 

I seem to have about 1/10th of the time I used to have to blog about my exciting life and to read others. 
I don't know how some of you working peeps do it. On the days that I work, I don't read blogs. On the days I don't work, I'm playing catch up on life. 
And my reader fills up.
If someone blogs daily, do you feel as though you should read every single post?
Please share.

Oh, and I voted. 
And the mailings??? Good lord....all those trees!
And since I never.ever talk politics, you surely wouldn't be able to guess which side of the party I'm on.
It is a party right?
If so, when the heck does the fun start???


  1. Oh gosh... our phone just rings and rings and rings.... can certainly tell who the worried party is because they are the ones that KEEP CALLING! Don't even answer the phone anymore because it just feels like an intrusion to me.

    As far as reading others' posts... well... I try, and I do scan them, but no, I don't comment on every post because I wouldn't have any life if I did, and I think most bloggers are the same. Reader? HA! I rarely check mine, but I do respond to most comments and read the new postings that pop up on my sidebar. It's a full time job so no one expects the working ladies to read everything...

  2. First of all everytime I open your blog and see the bikinis on the beach I shiver..girl it has been in the 40's! Uh Heck no! I don't read every appears that blogging is ALL some people do...(there, I said it) When it's not fun or informative anymore then I won't be doing it... I love visiting your blog, it's always entertaining. I am a stay at home mom and I still don't want to blog all the I am very ADDICTED to watching crafting youtubes while I craft....

  3. Heck no on the reading every single post! When you can, you can. Nobody can do it all and quite frankly, living your life is so much more important. As is buying peachy pink pumpkins.

    I hope you're enjoying your job!!!

  4. Oh yeah, the political crap liters up our phone and mail box it's going to change someone's mind...umph!

  5. The whole reason I've only been posting a couple times a month lately is so that you don't feel overwhelmed by having to read so many posts. You're welcome.


  6. Hi! Love than pink pumpkin! Blogging should be fun! Just read/comment when life gives you time. I've been on a bit of a break and only blog occasionally. As you say, living takes priority! Hope all of you enjoy the weekend. It's gorgeous here today....64 currently with bright blue skies. Love to all.

  7. I just read the bloggers I have listed on my blog - I can see when new posts pop up and I read them as I get time. I try to blog 5 days a week but I don't do anything else - no Facebook, Twitter, whatever - I don't know how people handle updating EVERYTHING all the time!

  8. No way to keep up with it all!!

  9. There's just something so wrong about pink pumpkins, even if they are for a good cause!
    1 more week of the calls. We haven't gotten any; maybe it's because we don't have a home phone! :)
    I'm WAAAAY behind on my reading, too. There just isn't enough time. I try to at least read "most" of the blogs on my blog page, but I haven't touched the ones I follow (and don't have on my sidepost) in MONTHS.

  10. well DUH, if somebody blogs everyday, like I do, OF COURSE you want to read up :)
    In truth? I am wicked behind in all my blog reading too, and it won't be until January that things might quiet down A BIT :)

  11. Kind of love the pink pumpkin!
    Now, the only thing I hate about blogging, the little nagging guilt at the back of my brain telling me I will never, ever catch up. No sense even trying :)

  12. Love your pink pumpkin...but wouldn't it be pretty painted an antique white color? Oooo...that would be so pretty with your house! : ) Yes...the blogging...I enjoy reading others' posts, but have little interest in updating my own blog. I do miss you when you don't post, because this is such a happy place in our little corner of the interwebs. Hugs and miss you. Have a great weekend!

  13. Perhaps the pumpkin is suitable for Thanksgiving pie.

    Sometimes blogging gets to be a chore rather than fun. In which case I simply take a break.

    The fun begins on Wednesday morning, assuming that we haven't set the country back fifty years. If we have, there won't ever be any more fun unless you are the 1%.

  14. I voted too. and I don't blog dailey and I don't read daily - but I do try comment on my favorite peeps posts at least once a week (and I try to go back a few posts if I missed some) but that is just what I try to do, doesn't mean it always happens.

  15. Guess we're lucky, haven't had a single phone call about voting. Maybe they know I can't vote anyway... ;-)

  16. I have two pieces of bad news for you: 1) we voted last week and the phone calls and mailings haven't stopped; 2) I'm busier now that I'm retired than I was when I was working.

    In spite of this, I hope you have a great weekend.

  17. You should totally run for president on the platform that you won't harass people on the phone and fill their mailbox with those card things that give killer paper cuts. I bet you would win!

  18. If I'm too busy, I don't keep up. Then I try to catch up when I do have time. I don't post as often as I'd like to, but like you, I work some of the time and have to fit it in. But I do miss you! What are you working on? Are you running for office? ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  19. I'm very behind on everything. If I'm short on time, I try and read my favorite blogs and have to miss the others.

  20. Hi, I've seen those different colored pumpkins --but I still prefer the orange ones... Too old to change now!!!! ha

    I think we'll all be glad when the election is OVER... We are not in one of those states like yours that has all of the constant calls/ads, etc.. BUT--even we have seen enough for a lifetime.


  21. I hear you! I do sometimes read during the week, but not much. I read all the posts in my Reader, but often only comment on one.

    It's kind of like friends in real life--you get busy, but you check in now and then.

  22. We have already voted.
    I like the pink pumpkin. It makes a pretty autumn display.
    I try to read the blogs I follow but don't always comment every single day cuz there is not time.
    I recycle all my mailings - - but the days still aren't long enough to keep up with it all. If more trees were planted and less cut down, the weather would change for the better, too.

  23. I never blog any more. I just sat down and did 6 posts...really just for myself so I have our memories preserved. Work is sucking me dry, plus this whol rasing kids thing...really gets in the way of blogging! ;)


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