November 26, 2012

It ain't easy being a pilgrim in Vegas.

Following the tradition of my four Fathers. I mean, our poor forefathers, we played roulette on the eve of Thanksgiving.
 The dealer {coach} was fairly strict. The house {coach} was making a killing on the gamblers. Talk about a pitt boss; ruthless. 
 The dealer had a scratch sheet a mile long for all our 'oweing'.  It was not a who was winning kind of game. It was a who was losing the least kind of game. 
The pitt boss never felt the need to bring in a cooler.

My debt was nearing 75k.  
Want to guess how I'll be repaying that note?

Yep, turkey sammies, casseroles and pie for life. Not to mention fetching is pails of water. 
Damn. It ain't easy being a pilgrim. 
Who knew?

Hershey kisses were not harmed in the playing of this game. At least not on my watch.

This was not a 'family tradition' for Thanksgiving....but we are open for new stuff around here.
Bring it.

Happy cyber Monday!


  1. Oh how fun!!! But yeah Coach is a bit hardcore!!!!

  2. That loos like fun! A lesson in why we shouldn't gamble too! 75k in debt geez!!!!

  3. Oh what fun!!!!!

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun was had by all. Of course now you'll have to slave in the kitchen to repay your debt... ;-)

  5. Dashing through the snow...

    To the roulette table we go...

    Isn't that how that old song goes?


    Thanks for the smile on this busy Monday morning!

  6. HILARIOUS! I guess as the kids get older, new traditions need to be formed!

  7. Hmmmmmm---are you two really in Vegas???? Not a place I think about going during Thanksgiving... (Of course, that is not a place I'd choose to go anytime of the year! ha)

    Did you at least wear your Pilgrim hat????? ha


  8. Life is never boring around your house, is it? Didn't you at least get a cut of the house's winnings?

  9. OH gosh, I just bet your dogs and cats are TOTALLY good at the dogs playing poker in those paintings! ;)

  10. That little gambling set is a scream - wherever did you find it? That's much nicer than going to a grody casino!

  11. How did you not eat the chocolate?

  12. Love this idea!! I'm going to steal it for next Thanksgiving!

    P.S. Quit teasing me! I now fully expect you to come up to my cabin this summer. I will get the wine ready. Scout is expecting to sit on your lap.

  13. When we were first married, we would go to his parents' house almost every Friday night. They either cooked or took us out to eat and then we played poker. They had a HUGE bowl of pennies - - - almost too heavy to lift. We each got a couple of handfuls and just had fun. Of course, at the end of the night, all the pennies went back in the bowl.

  14. We too play a poker based card game after Thanksgiving dinner. 1 dollar per game. Oh what fun!

  15. Nothing like fun and games for the holidays!! But 75K hey don't quit your day job....

  16. Oh my gosh. Best tradition EVER!! Confession, I have no idea how to play roulette, now I suddenly want to learn and steal your idea! HAHA

  17. This sounds like fun, and could well turn into a tradition. That is, if you don't mind losing to the pit boss!
    We usually pay trivial pursuit, pretty tame compared to your games.
    Hope you had a super holiday.

  18. No idea how to play roulette, but I like new traditions.

  19. seriously, you have all the fun at your house. it would be nice to leave some for your neighbors! or me!


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