June 08, 2012

Learning to drive flashback.

I've been busy trying to get healthy. 
It's not as easy as it looks on TV. 
I should have been an actress. 
*shaking my fists at the hands of fate!*

*Someone* acquired a new old toy.
1971 ...and with more power than is necessary.
*Someone* is going to teach two girls how to drive a six speed. In this. 
Good luck with that.
I'll be buying helmets for all involved.

I don't think I've driven a stick shift 22 years?

I kinda remember my Dad teaching me in his mustang.
It took time and patience.
Two things my Dad was shorted at birth.

A vivid memory that I have is of my step-mother and myself {15} while we were on vacation in a rental car.
She was in the passenger seat holding an ice filled concoction, me in the drivers seat trying to figure it all out.
You can only imagine how much of that she wore.....
I can still hear the ice clinking in the glass...over and over and over. 
Stupid clutch. 

You didn't have a tipsy driving instructor?

And look at me now.

Do you know how to drive a 'stick'?

And I'm not referring to your witches' stick this time.

Have a healthy and safe weekend.
And by safe, you know what I mean.



  1. Keep on shaking that fist in the air Miss Scarlett... she did shake a fist, didn't she?

    I don't recall who taught me to drive with a stick. I think it may have just been a necessity to learn during my teens when finding myself stranded on a gravel road with a drunken date in the passenger seat who couldn't drive his own stick shift home to save his life that night. Who knows... I probably dreamt that too.

    Get well soon!

  2. My dad taught all three of us to drive a stick-shift when we were teens. He was short on patience (and long on voice volume - he was once a DJ). I remember getting a ride with him and my sister as he was trying to teach her to drive her brand-new, orange, 1972 (?) 4-speed Super-Beetle, lurching forward & grinding to a halt, as he shouted, "Clutch! CLUTCH! You're going to RUIN this CAR!" Good times!

  3. Oh, I learned to drive a stick shift on my way home from the car dealership when bought my first manual transmission car. The poor clutch in the happy little's a miracle that I made it home in one piece.

  4. I must admit that I really like that new toy. I also miss stick shifts -- our current car is the first automatic shift, and while I like our Prius, I still miss shifting gears. I taught our daughter to drive on a stick shift. Fortunately I didn't hold anything spillable during her lessons.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. John is envious of the new toy! I never learned to drive a shift. Wishing you all a SAFE weekend. Best wishes to your dear mom, too.

  6. OH my! I LOVE Coach's new toy!!

    CSJ taught me to drive a stick before we got married. Yeah, good times, good times... and yet I married him anyway!!

    We went to the mall on a Sunday afternoon, after it closed, and just drove around the parking lot. It only took about 2 1/2 minutes before the water works started. After about an hour of him yelling and me crying, he MADE me drive home!! Man, why DID I marry him?! ;-)

  7. I tried to learn on our old VW Bug but I just couldn't get it. Yep...getting healthy takes a lot of time. I always laugh at celebs that say "if I can do it you can do it" and I wonder when they are going to ship their personal shopper and chef to me. LOL BEE safe and have a great weekend. : )

  8. Thank goodness I never had to learn how to drive a stick! I am very, very thankful for that!

  9. Growing up in Germany, everybody I knew drove a stick shift. I learned how to drive one and had no clue about automatic's. The first time I drove one, I was so used to the clutch, that I stepped on the break with both feet. Needless to say Greg and I nearly went through the windshield when I did that...

  10. O...M...FREEKIN'...GOD! that new toy looks DELISH!!!! I want one! It's gone right on my list to Santa!

    I only ever drive a stick, you can't beat it! No automatics for me chick...what's the point of just sitting there and letting the car do all the work, uh-uh!

    Glad you are on the mend healthwise too {and SO glad you didn't open that pesky email!}

    Have a fab weekend gorgeous ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  11. Hmmm. My first thought was, well if Suz ends up not posting for a few days, she's prolly in that monster of a car making out with Coach. =) Don't ask me why that was my first though. SMH. Nice car! =)

  12. I had a stick-shift little station wagon that we kept as a third car until the kids were driving age. I wanted them to learn to drive a stick shift. They're both glad I did. It's like riding a bike, Suz. It will all come back to you. Just don't give anyone ice cream treats beforehand.

    BTW: Didn't he just get a toy for beach riding?

  13. I drive a 5 speed and always have except for a few sad years in a mini van. The first lesson with Son #1 opened my eyes to the "language" he knew! 15 minutes in, I was laughing so hard I had to stand by the side of the road to get composure. In addition to time and patience you might also want a good neck brace - from neutral to first can cause whip lash. I think your step mom knew what she was in for and her clinking beverage was for courage. Maybe you should practice in the driveway - if your going out in public in a car like that you will want to look like you know what you are doing! (I am a bit jealous).

  14. I gasped loudly when I saw someone's new toy. I think I'm in love!
    Of course I know how to drive a stick! I used to have my sister shift (from the passenger seat) when I was busy eating an apple or something. But then she couldn't shift from the driver's side when she started driving--always putting it in 3rd instead of first.

  15. I learned on a stick, so that was all I knew.

    I tried to teach my younger daughter in my stepsister's car. It didn't go well because we couldn't stop laughing almost to the point of peeing your pants. My daughter was not amused.

    Enjoy the new toy! He's building quite a collection there.

  16. I just got back to driving a stick. Bought me self a smaller car.
    My dad's friend taught me when I was a teen. My dad was also short on patience,lol!
    Have a great weekend!

  17. Yeah um, barely and NO. I was never properly taught...I got to the point where I could do it if I had to - but now way!

    Just think, by the time Hailey is driving cars will be driving themselves....

  18. I can practically hear that engine now! I never learned a stick. Kinda bitter about that too actually.

  19. whoa, is that an early camaro, yeOW!

  20. I wanted our kids to learn to drive in a tank. We settled for a pickup truck...

  21. I can drive a stick shift...and still love to...VW Bug, Toyota truck, Big A$$ farm truck to haul grain to the grainery and taught my daughter too. Oh, and several tractors on the farm too.

    Have a great time...put a lid on your glass and use a straw :) That car is awesome!

  22. hi darlin, first thank you for the support you gave me whilst ill. i thought of you often and dreampt of those doggies that want to come live with me.

    im sorry to hear bout your mom and your illness. i hope you both are doing great by now. im partly cloudly with a chance of rain, slowly trying to return to some form of normalcy. i've missed ya!

    take care friend.. xoxoxox

  23. Good luck with the lessons. I know how to now, but it did take me a while! Everyone was like, "Oh it's easy, soon it'll be second nature." Five years later and I still sweat when I have to slow down to go through a toll booth. :) Take care, hope you've been well!

  24. my gosh... he's fillin' up those garages!!!!

    my mom taught me. and she still lives to tell. it was close though...

  25. I LOVE driving a stick...makes me feel like a race driver! :)


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