May 29, 2012

On a happier note...

Thank you for all your sweet words regarding Sasha Fierce.  Every time I think of her, my heart hurts. Some wise ass 18 year old said: THEN, don't think about her Mom. *sigh*
So, lets not bring that up again. K?


We visited the zoo this past weekend. IT was fun. IT was hot. IT was hot fun.
We haven't visited the zoo in a few years. Seems that softball, dance, proms, boys, life have taken over. 

Good thing God makes 2 1/2 year old boys....makes you do the old stuff again. 
I have loads of photos to share.
I also have a load of sickness in me. I hope I didn't catch some sort of fancy smancy exotic sickness from the zoo.
Leopardidis? Monkey flu? Funky cold Medina? Jungle fever?
{watch out Denzel Washington}



  1. I LOVE the zoo! When Stud was younger, we spent most of our summers at Lincoln Park Zoo. We literally went 2-3 times a week, all summer. I miss the zoo...

  2. I know this little fellow was tired out after a fun day at the zoo! Sorry to hear you are sick. Take care and feel better soon. Keep us updated on your Mom. Keeping you guys in my prayers. Love ya,

  3. We used to take the girls to the zoo a lot when they were younger, but haven't gone in a few years. We do plan on going during the summer though...
    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Please take care and get better soon!

  5. We had just the best zoo when we lived in Phoenix, AZ and I recall times with the grandsons there.... but it was ALWAYS hot, even in the wintertime.

    Oh crud... not feeling well? Maybe you're just turning into a jungle bunny. LOL

  6. so glad you had fun, even though you had to sweat!!!

    i hate that you are sick. seriously. i hope you are better soon. and next time you learn your lesson and don't kiss the monkeys at the zoo. or the alligators.

  7. I love the zoo!! I hope you feel better soon. Jungle Fever is the worst!!

  8. Loved the photographs. Feel better soon.

  9. I hope you're feeling better soon, Suz! There is nothing like a toddler in the house to make you smile...

  10. I was so sad to read about your cat. Little children are such a great reminder that life does indeed go on :)

  11. Hi Suz, So sorry about your kitty... I know that it just broke your heart. BUT--you don't deserve ALL of the blame. Aren't there others in the house who 'could' have made sure the door was closed???????

    BUT--I do know how you feel. Bless your heart... Glad you had a 2 1/2 yr. old to distract you!!!!!

    Special HUGS to you,

  12. Kaish loves the zoo. He would like to live there. Sadly, I am sure most of the animals would do a better job of parenting than I do. Darn it.

  13. I love going to the zoo. The polar bears swimming in the underwater viewing area in the Toronto Zoo is spectacular. And going with little kids is the best - but we always fight over who gets to ride in the stroller.

  14. Poor Sasha, she didn't deserve to die that way. I hope it was quick! Glad you had fun at the zoo, and I hope you feel better soon!

  15. I still love the zoo, with or without a little person to bring along.
    Hmm, I don't know of any exotic illness you might have gotten, but the common cold was probably available there.

  16. Oh no! No being sick on top of your sadness!

    It's always fun to see things through the eyes of little one, isn't it?

    Can I borrow him next, please?

  17. It's time to get a little rest and take care of yourself, missy!

  18. SO to avoid spamming your blog, let me say Happy Belated anniversary, happy awesome Prom dress, love love love the new lanai furniture and love most of all the very fun pics! You guys are the best. Yay, international trip! How fun!

    I am so sorry about Sasha, it is always so sad to lose a family member, especially those who maybe needed a little extra love to feel wanted. RIP Sasha.

    I agree with Becca, and not just because we share the same name, you are very classy!

  19. That might be some good advice from an 18-year old--but hard to take.

    I can't wait to revisit the zoo with grandkids.

  20. Hope you are over the animal diseases and back to your busy self.

    Cute little guy...I get to work with little ones every day...and just saying, kids are little booger picking balls of it probably wasn't the animals :)

    So sorry about Sasha Fierce :(
    I have been babysitting a dog for 3weeks now and loving every minute!

    Get well!!

  21. I'm so very sorry about the kitty. You did a great deal for her in the short time she was here by rescuing here and trying to give her a good home. Take it easy on yourself. Life is hard and often unfair, but you're definitely one of the good ones. xoxo

  22. Oh Sweetie. I'm so sorry about Sasha. That is just terrible. We lost a chick the other day, and though I don't really care for them much, it still makes me so so sad when an animal dies.

    I think we're due for a zoo trip. We always have such fun.

  23. I love the zoo - but haven't been in a while. Not so fun when it's 834 degrees outside.

    RIP Sasha Fierce. You will be missed.

  24. I like your picture of the boy looking at the leopard. I hope you are over your 'bug' by now.

  25. OS and his girlfriend went to the zoo on Monday. I haven't been in forever. Last time I went was when I was in college, which was forever ago.
    Feel better!

  26. I'm so sorry to hear about the kitty. :-( How sad.

    The zoo was a fitting place to go...


  27. Hi! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment. It's great to meet you! Happy Anniversary :-)
    You have a great blog, I'll certainly be back to visit and look forward to getting to know you better.
    Have a great night!



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