May 07, 2012

Classy? Guess who?

I shared with you recently, that Linds and I spent a weekend with my niece Becca. Among the cute Becca-ism's, she also shared this little ditty with Lindsay.

Becca: Linds, you know what I just realized?
Linds: What? 
Becca: Your Mom is really classy. 

Linds: Really?
Becca: Yeah, she eats salads and stuff....
Linds: *?*

So, if you didn't realize it already. I am a classy girl. Just ask my niece.

So get your salad on people; class it up!

That says something about vegetable-tarians doesn't it Gary?  {minus the farm fresh hard boiled eggs!}

Apparently my niece has never heard me belch after having my monthly soda nor did she witness me trip over that invisible speed bump in the hallway.

Guess who has kinda, almost, sorta moved back in? Well, her crap stuff is back anyway.
School is over for her, but softball is still a full time job right now. If only they could lose a few games....
Oy, the mess.

Guess who has been eating tomatoes daily.
Go ahead, guess.
I've got about 2 weeks left on my garden...I'll be so sad when it's all done for this spring!

Roasted to the nth degree is my favorite way to eat them!

Guess what else? Guess!
I heart you!!!!

So, have you any guesses to throw at me today?


  1. Oh man, I recognize that kind of mess! Goodness, but so lovely to have her home, isn't it?

    nom nom nom to your cooking!

  2. wait, your growing season is almost OVER? our tomato plants are about 1/2 inch tall in little pots INSIDE the house :)

  3. Suz, I think you and I are twins. My post, if I ever get around to editing it today, is also a guessing game. Maybe it's Guessing Monday!
    It's 8ish in the a.m. and now I'm totally starving for a salad. Yeah, I'm pretty classy too!
    p.s Get that room cleaned. It's freaking me out!

  4. That salad looks so yummy! I'm with Mark - I'd eat it for breakfast.

    And, your niece is right on. You are one classy broad!

  5. My problem with roasting tomatoes is that I eat them right off the pan and they never make it into my recipe. YUM!

    Yes, Gary. Gardening in Florida is completely backwards from the rest of the country. What weirdos we are.

  6. I guess that means we're a really classy family since we eat lots of salad. Glad something "classed" up this family... ;-)

  7. We haven't even begun our growing season and yours is almost done! Wow!

  8. Well, all my life I've wanted to be classy and NOW I've made it with my salads!!! I confess, I've never tried roasted tomatoes, though. So glad Lo is home for the summer. Wishing you all a wonderful week.

  9. Mmmmm, I want to come eat at your house. Compared to all the kid-friendly foods we eat, your salad does look super classy!

  10. Those tomatoes look SO darn yummy! Thank goodness that girl has a Mama that loves to clean:)

  11. awww! she's home! yippee!!! sorry about the mess. that is just life. my life, at least. your veggies are makin' me smile today!

  12. You really are classy! I guess that is what my problem is. I don't eat enough salads! Darn it!

  13. Guess where the gardens are JUST BEGINNING to sprout, while yours is winding down?
    Guess who finally saw the sun this weekend?
    Guess who is happy that your girl is home, and our guy arrives this weekend?
    Did you guess? I knew you would - you're classy AND smart like that! xoxo

  14. Guess what? that room is tidy compared my kids rooms. Sad but true.

  15. Guess who makes me laugh with every post? That same classy veggie-eating mom from Florida.

  16. nothing like home grown tomatoes, so yummy!

  17. Oh the fun of a college kid moving back home for the summer. They are there but their heart is often back with their friends at school. She will enjoy you pampering her - - - you classy woman you!
    Guess what I'm doing tomorrow night? Teaching a class to some of my library friends in our county.

  18. Hahaha.....I thought you had put a photo of my room up! Husband was gone and I just lived like a college student for a week :)

  19. Guess what? That's what! :)
    Love your blog and posts, always put a smile on my face!

  20. You are the classiest person I know. =)

    You have to be a teeny bit glad to have Lo home, right? Just a little?!

  21. I guess I need to eat more salad so I can be classy too.
    That room is WAY neater than my boys' room. Oh, if it only looked THAT good. When I go in there I usually end up saying non-classy words. Now I'm wondering how much salad I'll have to eat................

  22. It's amazing the damage they can do to a clean room in just a few hours, is it not?

  23. I heart you and your classy self too!

  24. It's good to be classy, and extra good to eat salads. Or so I think. I guess that means I'm classy, too?


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