April 04, 2012

Knowing me, Knowing you.

Linds and I have a small road trip planned....and thankfully, I found this missing CD. JUST IN TIME!
The Definitive Collection.
In this case definitive means 
37 songs.

Oh, Lindsay will be in her glory.
I can hear the eye rolling already.

Come to think of it....she might have been the one to hide this CD from me!

She'll pay for that one...she always does.

What song do you think is my fave?
I won't make you guess.

Please, take out the number 17 and insert 35 44!

When Linds was in 4th grade her class was having a fun event/party.
{You know I was there volunteering my little butt off}
Anyhoo....I walked into the classroom and the kids were all having fun and this song was I started dancing towards my sweet little daughter.

I wish I had a photo of her horrified face as she realized it was HER Mother who was dancing in public!

Gosh, you would have thought I was dancing around a pole. again. 

Do you love watching Mamma Mia as much as I do? Or do you cringe just hearing the songs?
If you cringe, I don't know if we can hang out any longer.
It was nice knowing you. 


  1. Will you still like me if I tell you I haven't seen MamaMia? Maybe it'll help if I tell you I loved ABBA growing up and still like hearing their songs on the radio. :-)

  2. I was just walking around here minding my own business when suddenly, I felt my ABBA senses tingling. So I focused on them and wouldn't you know that they lead me right to you!
    Let's see, you're asking me, a gay man, if I like ABBA. Hmmm? WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK!
    But guess what, I've never seen MamaMia. Couldn't care less! But, I have seen Muriel's Wedding about a billion times. Does that count?
    Have fun trippin'! I mean, road-tripping.

  3. Cringe. But I blame it on my less-than-skillful performance on roller skates as a kid. I think Abba was the only band they played at that skating rink. So to me Abba = bruised knees/rearends/elbow.

  4. I've never seen the movie, but I DID see the Broadway production many years ago when it was here in Chicago. I LOVED IT!! It was way back when my brother first started dating his girlfriend, and she got tickets (don't remember the story there) and ended up taking my mother, sister and me, along with her mom, who we were meeting for the first time. What an awesome thing to bond over! The 5 of us sang ABBA all night long, and became fast friends!!

  5. Momma Mia! Here she goes again!


    My Granddaughters actually love these song. They want to listen to them more than I do.

    It's pretty funny.

  6. I liked a couple of their songs "back in the day," but didn't like to admit it. I might have been a tiny bit of an ABBA snob, until a friend talked me into going to see "Mamma Mia!" on stage (I even managed to persuade Gregg to go with me!), and that turned me into an unashamed fan. We went back to see it another time, and even took the kids - and THEY loved it. (Even though I'm a Meryl Streep fan, we were awfully disappointed in the movie - we couldn't even finish it. But the play we fabulous.)

  7. P.S. - safe & happy travels to you & your girl!

  8. That was my era, but I do not share your Abba love. I simply do not, can not, and will not.

  9. Saw Mama Mia on Broadway last was cool. Now we have the tunes on our computer...thanks to the Captain we have 100's of hours of music without repeating a song...and Abba is in there :)

    Happy Roadtrip...I am missing my spring break roadtrip....last year it was Death Valley...this year it is stay home and save a buck because we are going to visit Daughter #2 in new Zealand.

  10. Awesome! You should see Mamma Mia on Broadway! :)

  11. I used to be a closet ABBA fan. Now, by God, I crank the Bose up and listen without shame...usually when I am in the house alone...doing housework. It's on my iPod and makes great geek-walking music. (My daughter says "geek" is the operative word.) My personal favorite is "Thank you for the music."

  12. Tell Linds the trip will be even better if she sings along with you on every song!!!!!

  13. I must come on that road trip with you because I know EVERY word of every ABBA song. Saw them in London in 1977 and fell in love with their songs. Loved the stage show Mama Mia but not the movie so much. (apart from Meryl of course).
    I'm packing as we speak.
    Can't wait.

  14. Suz, you do realize that you and your daughters LOOK EAXCTLY like ABBA? Your husband too? :)

  15. I've never seen the movie (or the play) I guess we're good then. : )

    Very funny about mortifying your girl...will make a funny story for HER kids someday.

    Have a safe and fun trip! : )

  16. Once again, Gary comes through with comment of the day! I agree with Mark...Murial's Wedding was the ABBA movie for me.

  17. oh dear.... . I drove with my MIL from Toronto to Winnipeg and all she would listen to was ABBA. If I didn't hate them at the start of the trip I certainly did by the time we arrived in Winnipeg. painful.

  18. My ABBA station on Pandora is what I put on to clean house--it keeps it from being a chore!

  19. A picture of Lind's face as you danced into her classroom would be priceless. I think there may be a connection between that episode, the video you shared and the disappearing CD. I hope you two have a wonderful (and safe) trip.

  20. Yes dear, I love me some AbbA too!! Road trip!!! Oddly, I have not yet seen Mama Mia. I think the problem is that their songs actually have real tunes and the words are understandable...and not icky creepy like so many now. But then, my really old age is showing. I think you must have been like 10 when they first became popular??

    Happy Easter to you and the family.

  21. LOVE Mama Mia! Are you surprised?

  22. I LOVED Mama Mia and all the music! ( I had to say that ya know...) I will say I have the dvd:) As for being the dancing queen, tell Linds you're just getting started cause things get real quirky as you...ummm, mature:) Enjoy your road trip and let us know how her eyes rolled.

  23. My kids LOVE "Dancing Queen"! They don't have to worry about me dancing in public--never gonna happen! I just realized that I've never seen Mama Mia! (hand clapped over mouth in astonishment!)

  24. Just seeing the albumn makes me start humming the songs:)
    Oh and we have to embarass our girls, it is our jobs as Moms!

  25. LOL!!! I LOVE Mamma Mia! It was on last weekend. I really like that they didn't dub in another voice for Pierce Brosnan's. I really should buy that dvd.
    What good is it to have kids if we can't embarrass them???


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