April 23, 2012

I have special eyes.

And not only because I can see through things, like lies and stupidity.

My Dr. told me I have special eyes....and I love her.

Some things I've just learned.

  • I'm losing it.
{My eyesight that is}

My eyes are green, but more of a human shade of green.

I started wearing contacts a few years ago. I love them. They make stuff really clear. Don't you love it when stuff is clear? Recently though, reading was not so easy for me. In fact, it is a down right challenge. Unlike mountain climbers, I don't appreciate a challenge.

I went back to my special eye Dr. and she said I need to add 'readers' to my contacts to read.
That is a bit high maintenance for me, and readers are for old people. There. I said it.
I could use mono-vision contacts.
One contact for near and one contact for far.

I pictured myself walking in a circle. A circle of eyesight confusion.

  • I found out too that the reason I can't see while driving at night is because of my astigmatism. I thought I couldn't see at night because I spent too many hours standing in front of the tv as a child.
  • By the by, it is NOT true that I caught astigmatism while playing 7 minutes in heaven either.
I know I should never ever complain about my sight...I am lucky to have it at all...what with all the years of running through the house carrying scissors and shanks.

So, I got my new 'mono-vision' contacts last Saturday and all day long I said to anyone who would make eye contact with me: I CAN READ!!! I CAN READ!!!!

You know how special I am...and now so does everyone else. 

And since I'm being all braggy today, I'll add that I was able to thread a needle this weekend unassisted.

Now, I know how it feels to be a superhero.

So, would you like me to come over and read this blog post to you?
May I assist you with leaving a comment?

I use my powers for good.


  1. I always knew you were "Special". I'm glad you see it too now. No pun intended!
    p.s. I hope you don't dump me now that you can see how I really look.

  2. yeah, like you, at age 44 with the whole world turning into a fog, I found myself with bifocals too :)

  3. I am jealous of your super vision. The mid-40s have hit me hard and I can't see a damn thing. Reading music (hey, my job!) is nearly impossible and that's with the ├╝ber expensive stupid progressive glasses I was coerced into buying. Sign me up for readers with the other geezers!

  4. Oh gosh, age has not been kind to my eyes either. With me it's not really a sight issue, but signs of my retina detaching. I have to have my eyes checked once a year and if I start having any signs ("starry" vision) need to be seen immediately. And I never ran with scissors or shanks... ;-)

  5. So did it take a while to train your brain for those new contacts? I got progressive lens glasses Friday and they told me it would be a rough transition, but it's not. I'm finding them quite easy to deal with.

  6. They offered me mono contacts too, I was scared! You like them? Do they make you dizzy? Readers make me dizzy!

    I like your new composter!

  7. Well, I got both near and far sightedness from my parents. So, I wear one contact so I can see stuff wayyy out there. Nothin needed for the close stuff. Just make sure you don't mix them up:)

  8. i wondered why you were walking n circles!!! i think it must be a very talented person who can see with 2 different lenses!
    what were you sewing? or were you just showing off that you COULD thread a needle?

  9. I've always thought mono-vision would be super good for you for doing so well with it. If it makes you feel any better, I started wearing readers in my 30's and have been wearing bifocals (no-lines, which I adore!) not long after the readers. I am going to be getting new glasses in a week or so and I can't wait to be able to see small print on my ipod again. : )

  10. Good for you - I'm happy you like them. I always knew you were a super hero!

  11. I'm so glad you can read now : )
    2 years ago the dr tried to push bifocals on me and I said no way. I can do just fine without them. Just give me my glasses for distance.
    Last month I turned 50 and I swear, my vision got worse overnight. I'm afraid I'll have to accept the fact that my eyes are not my special eyes anymore.

  12. My sister has mono-vision contacts. She has been blind as a bat her entire life. When I was a kid, I used to put on her glasses. I thought the world looked really cool through them:)

  13. I'm so glad I stopped by from Betsy's...this is a cute post and by the way, I wear those 'old people' reading glasses.

  14. Isn't life beautiful when you can actually see the little stuff! I too survived "running with scissors" but a couple of weeks ago gave my eye a good poke with the arm of my glasses. Mom never warned me about that!

  15. Even though I wear contacts, I am still amazed at how those little circles of clear "plastic" can make me see. Life is good!

  16. Welcome to the club! I've had to use readers for a couple years now. But, only when I wear my contacts. If I'm wearing my glasses, I'm fine. However, I have noticed that my eyes seem to have gotten worse overnight. I may have to give some thought to mono lenses. My eye doc asked me if I wanted them last month at my visit, but I said no. Maybe I should reconsider??

  17. You're hilarious. :) Yay for green eyes! We ARE special.

  18. I am so excited for you : )
    And what the heck! You can thread a needle!!!! Did you sew? You are too amazing for words.

  19. Always knew you were special....
    I could use some help threading needles, reading blogs, helping kids with homework, and folding laundry.....Did I go too far?

  20. EYE love to read your posts - - -through my glasses with 'readers' but my bEYE-focals are no line. EYE can't wear contacts because I have had severe dry-EYE syndrome since the birth of my second child. EYE don't mind the glasses though cuz as you said, it's WONDERFUL to be able to see!

  21. I have an eye appt coming up, I know glasses are in my future. Must be the price we pay for having gorgeous green eyes:)

  22. I know how it feels...just got bifocals because I couldn't handle taking on and off the readers in class all day long.....this is sooo much easier.

    Happy Monday!

  23. Those monovision contacts aren't too weird? I wear no-line bifocals just for work, but am ready to lose them in favor of contacts now that I work more.

  24. Hooray for your eye doctor, finding just what you need! Night driving is getting more difficult here, too. Ahem - I use readers! - I buy them in 3 packs @ Costco & stash them all over the house, in cars & purses...everywhere, but I am older than you. In fact, I'm so old that I got trifocals, to be able to read AND drive @ night (but I don't like them). All of this is to say GOOD ON YA, sista!

  25. We always knew you were special, and I know how you feel about being able to see clearly again. I felt the same way when I got my trifocals.

  26. May the force be with ya sweetie!!! Heehehehehe!!!

    I'm so happy you have super powers and the sight of an eagle now. Woohoo!!!

    If I need any help readin' the fine print...I'll give ya a call. :o)

    God bless your day!

  27. Oh my crumb (as Nic says)... you are so funny. Love the 7 minutes in heaven part. lol...

    So glad you can see. I have issues at driving at night for the same reason, so I just drive with my eyes closed and pray.


  28. I should be thankful that I have 20/15 distance vision and never wore glasses. Never, that is, until now when I have to wear reading glasses. I have a pair in almost every room in the house.

  29. I have green eyes too. I do not wear anything for my vision...yet...turning 40 in June though!

  30. You are highly gifted to read so well, and at such an early (relatively speaking) age.

  31. You are special, did you take the short bus to school too? I can't read a thing without my glasses. I'm always asking my kids to read something for me, because I can't. Frustrating I tell ya!

  32. oh to be able to thread a needle.
    even with glasses AND a magnifying glass I still cannot do it.
    this is why I never sew.


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