January 18, 2012

Green the place for me.

A few weeks ago the Coach and I cleaned out the garden. I had apparently left it quite neglected because I accumulated a lifetime supply of weeds. If only we could live on weeds!
Well, some people live on weed...but not this kind. 

I decided to NOT photograph the garden while full of was just so sad and pitiful. I was bummed. I went into my garden supply bench looking for tools and I found this guy all curled up and warm. I was over my depression...only because he surprised it out of me! 

Don't you know, one of my children asked if we 'could keep him'
Yeah, we'll keep him...IN THE YARD!

He is just an innocent little corn snake. No biggie. I asked him to kindly move OUT of my garden bench while I needed to get my stuff. You'd be surprised at how polite snakes are when you approach them without screaming your head off. 

After the garden was cleaned, the girls and I planted our seeds. Within a week, they were growing like crazy!

I was trying to get a photo of the seedlings REACHING FOR THE SUN and I unknowingly caught a photo of Harley's Kanga Pouch. Get away from my baby plants and go do some sit ups!

And just when I thought I was ahead of the garden game this year, my neighbor brought over this bounty of sweet peppers....yes, he is a garden bragger of sorts. 
In addition to all the peppers, he gave us as many plump tomatoes. 

I'll accept his bragging garden gifts....delish. The Coach and I ate roasted peppers and tomatoes for 8 days straight! And no one even complained!

Anyone else planning their spring garden this week? 

What? Did you just give me the finger? NOT NICE! 


  1. I'm still trying to woo some semblance of winter this way! Spring needs to hold on and wait its turn!

    Gorgeous, gorgeous veggies he gave you.

  2. I'm with Liz. I can't even THINK about starting a garden right now. We've only been graced with ONE snowfall so far this winter. Not cool.

    I realize this is probably gonna sound so geeky but I have to know - do you turn your seedling trays around occasionally so they grow straight? I love how they reach for the sun. I don't get it, since I usually run from the sun, but I still think it's cool that plants do. :)

  3. I cannot wait until we can start our garden up again! So fun! Not sure what this spring will bring considering we have had such a mild winter!
    How nice of your neighbor! Looks like a yummy bounty!

  4. I wish... So far I haven't even opened the seed catalogs yet... Hopefully I'll get around to it in a few weeks.
    That snake would have scared me half to death. Innocent corn snake or not, I just can't deal with snakes.

  5. Those seedlings are cute reaching for the sun! Harley just had to check things out, huh?

    We can never plant anything til after April 17.

    Those peppers are beautiful!

  6. holy CATS the veggies are awesome, but GOOD GOLLY THAT SNAAAAAAAAAAAKE! agggggh!

  7. hey gorgeous, 'tis that season, right? I headed into ours on was minus arctic temperatures out there, but it just had to be done! Cleaning, sweeping, power washing, pruning, dead-heading, re-locating shrubs etc, etc, etc...I was so stiff by bedtime the ONLY solution was to pop two painkillers and drink a fabulous Baileys coffee...had the best night sleep!

    Almost looks like a "new" garden... love it! Altho' no slithery finds for me ;oO


    hello gorgeous xxx

  8. LMBO @ kanga pouch!! That is totally what I have!!

  9. Ha..I love the cat pic! My cat looks exactly like that from the side. Now I know what to call it. : ) I wanna be your neighbor. You can give me the stuff you grow. Nice deal, huh?! I am hoping to do some gardening this spring and summer. I really need to be able to grow some of the organic stuff I'm spending an arm and a leg for. : )

  10. ok, snakes and me - NOT FRIENDS...We still have a solid three months before we will even be talking Gardens...our growing season is quite short!

  11. I didn't realize that you could be so cruel. I'm looking out the window at our frozen ground while trying to avoid the gesture you hinted at. But it does look as if you will have a wonderful garden. If you get tired of peppers and tomatoes before July, feel free to send them this way.

  12. Hey suz, I have been so bad....not posting...but I can't figure out how to post from this dang iPad!! I mean pics!! Really, I should be able to figure it out, right?? Well, I tried several times looking it up, it just doesn't make sense to me! So, I will wait till I visit my sis, her son knows all and will teach me!! Lol.

    Love the veggies!!! I absolutely loooooove baby peppers!!! And maters!!! Your kitty is just adorable!! I bet he keeps all his treasures in there!! Toys, poop, food, etc... Lol

    I've missed our lil chats, but soon, I will make a visit to my sissy's and will update everyone. She is struggling, bless her, but will overcome this as well. Thanks for all your support. xxxxx

  13. No gardening today - we have about 4 inches of SNOW on the ground!
    Suz, your snake photo made me a little bit queasy. Please...a warning would be nice; I can't look at snakes without a bit of stomach upset.

  14. Hi There, Yipes---I don't care if he's a corn snake or a rattler.... I don't like snakes AT ALL.... I could be one of those people SCREAMING for sure.....

    You have your spring garden going... That is neat. I'll take some of your Romaine.

    We only grow flowers ---and they are all planted... NOW--if we can just get them to NOT pop up too soon --before spring gets here!!!! (Mild winter here so far!)


  15. I'd take that braggin' garden neighbor in a heartbeat. Yum!

  16. Planting daffodils at school...can't plant a garden here because the deer eat EVERYTHING!! And what they can't get to, the squirrel claim.

    Loved the the dogs mess with them? My dog used to bark at them :)

    Happy Wednesday :)

  17. Oh my goodness. I LOVE the kitty and her tummy : ) Or his tummy. I guess Harley is a boys name. Those peppers are nice. All my neighbors give me is a household of screaming happy children... I am going to email them this post and show them what I could be getting instead. PEPPERS!

  18. Oh you are too funny - - - - planting a spring garden with 22 degree temps tonight - - - don't think so, Tim as they say on "Tool Time".
    I am impressed with myself for knowing that was a corn snake - - - but would still have been close to a heart attack if I had discovered it by surprise!
    Thanks for showing that spring is just around the corner - - but I really like winter - - without snow!!! Cold is fine.

  19. Omg! That's all I got right now. Gotta send you an SOS Instead.. sorry. Computer puked and I need you to send me an email on still asap! I can explain all this then... Blah!

  20. i think your neighbor really bought those at publix. i saw some there the other day! but i'll be over for a nice lettucey salad in... 3 weeks?!

  21. I screamed my head off when I saw the picture of the snake....the kids came running to see what I was looking at on my computer. I haven't even thought about sprouting anything. I just know it'll snow sometime.....

  22. you. are. a. joy!

    Thanks for the smile!

    And, no, I didn't give you the finger. That's just an uncontrollable muscle spasm I get that occurs at odd moments...often in rush hour traffic.

  23. I would like your neighbor to live next door to me.

  24. Hi! I'm here from Maple Lane and now your newest follower. Lovely family and blog.

  25. Hi Suz!

    Stopping over from Maple Lane to say Hi!

    Oh, that innocent little corn snake would have scared me completely!

    Sweet family you have :) Looking forward to getting to know you.

    Kindly, Lorraine

  26. Your neighbor was definitely bragging on his gardening skills. But in a good way.
    Glad you were nice to the poor little snake.
    Gardening, already? Gee, we won't see anything turning green around here until at least April.

  27. I feel so guilty, I plant nothing. My coworker last year shared her garden bounty. I'm not worthy!

  28. Wait!! I can't get past the snake! It's really harmless?? Shiver...maybe I will stay up here in the north. (not so many snakes) lol


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